1.58: Erratic Trait

As Monday now approaches in-game, Summer has been a teenager for about 4 days. She no longer goes off to grade school with her little brothers, but to high school. Because she was an A student in grade school, she started off as a B student in high school.

Summer has the erratic trait. As a child, she would show this on many occasions, but I never documented it. Now that she is a teen and I’m getting close to having an heir(ess) chosen, I think it’s time to show the readers. Here she is before going to school talking to the Amp Stack radio. She’s hung out here a lot with the radio with erratic behavior as a child. The icon says she is Talking with Friends… So one can assume the radio has become her friend and the music that is playing, she might be thinking that it’s actually talking to her.

Before heading off to work, Levi works on a small surrealism painting. He gets distracted by Spica and Whopper to finish it before needing to head off to work. It looks like it’s going to turn into a small town painting.

Reading another SimLit blog/story, if a sim completes the top of their career, they will not get anymore promotions, but they can achieve a pay raise. Since Levi reached the top, he’s now working on getting pay raises. The idea is to have enough household funds when the heir(ess) moves out that I can deduct all simoleons but the start up of 20k. Currently at this point in time, the household income is over 58k simoleons, so the heir(ess) would leave with 38k.

Summer gets that A that I was hoping for. Only a couple days into high school and already an A student. “I’m so proud of you, Summer!” I think she’s giving me the “did you ever doubt me” look.

Levi got that pay raise as well. All is good on this Monday.

The evening arrives. Grilled cheese was for dinner. Instead of sitting with the rest of the family at the dining room table, Summer sits at the kitchen counter. She begins telling a dramatic story. I’m only going to assume it’s about her embarrassing day at school. I guess she dropped her tray at lunch. Poor Summer. But she’s not talking to the others, but rather Tell Story to Self. Another symptom of her erratic trait behavior. She talks to objects and herself.

I glanced over and saw Whopper snoozing away in his play area. I’m not sure if he was tired or he was bored of Summer’s story. *laughing*

Close to 3:30am the next morning, Summer sneaks out of bed and makes her way to her parents bedroom. I saw the computer in her actions icon and wanted to see what she was up to. She was going to Troll teh Forums. She does want to be a Joke Star and has been doing funny things outside of being erratic. But as soon as she sat down, the insane part kicked in. She had to Tell Story to Self again. But maybe this time she is also sharing it in the forums.

This is the life of Summer Hayward. She’s Good, funny, but also a bit Erratic. She has not had any whims yet about her 3rd trait of being a Child of the Ocean.

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2 thoughts on “1.58: Erratic Trait”

  • You never know what can happen with that erratic trait. I love it. Hey, if Summer is getting the grades, no problem, right? And she is harmless. I mean, I know some sims that talk to plants. Summer would fit right in. šŸ™‚

  • I personally love the erratic trait because Antwan has made it wonderful for me. XD so I love Summer and her story telling.

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