1.57: Summer Ages Up

A couple days pass after Winterfest. The decorations came down and all the household items went back to the norm looking. Typically in the real world, one would wait awhile to take down decorations, but time moves faster in the sims world.

Today is the day Summer becomes a teenager. The childhood days are over. When not focusing on Levi during this generation, I’ll dive into her trait of being erratic. Hopefully this will help determine if viewers will want to see more of her and become heiress.

Summer had to go to school first. This will be her last day in grade school. She was already an A student which is great. Hoping this helps when she gets into high school next.

After school, I started up the Social Event for the dreadful calling it Birthday Party. They really should call it Aging Up Party.

Whenever Summer and the twins invited their friends over, I made sure Spica made acquaintances with them and not Levi. I didn’t want to bog down Levi’s relationship profiles. Children cannot host social events, so I knew it would have to be one of the parents when it came time to Summer aging up to host a party with Summer’s friends.

When all Summer’s acquaintances and friends arrived, they started to mingle with each other. Jaxon has a speech bubble with Summer’s face. He must be getting a head start in wishing his big sis a happy aging up.

A dance-a-thon formed autonomously. This was fun to watch. I didn’t realize nerdy Jaxon could get down and groove! *laughing* I made sure some of the household listened to music as well to get some credit for the social event.

Mila Fyres decided she’d rather enjoy the company of Whopper than dance.

After much fun of chatting, dancing, and hanging out; it was time for the cake to come and Summer make a wish and blow out the candles. As her aging up is in the winter this time around, I thought it would be fun to have a winter cake.

Those in the vicinity gather around as Summer blows out her candles. Her twin brothers were the only ones cheering her on at this point. Margarita Behr was focused into the music playing on the radio.

The moment has arrived for Summer to have an Aspiration. Because she started out with the silly trait as a toddler and continued to be funny through her childhood days, I gave her the Joke Star Aspiration which gives her the Gregarious trait. As she was given 3 traits ahead of time, there will be no new traits for Summer.

Summer reached level 10 in Social and Motor skills in her childhood days, which then related adult skills will be unlocked for her to get a head start or a special moodlet will be given.

I go into CAS to give Summer a new wardrobe update. Her hairstyle is what the game gave her. It looks like she wanted some more colors rather than the blonde she received from her mom, Spica.

I am into tattoos, so I decided to give a tattoo as well. It will only be visible at certain times. This is not one of them, unfortunately. I think she turned out beautiful with her features.

“Happy Aging Up, Summer!”


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