1.56: Winterfest

Wednesday arrived and it’s the Winterfest holiday. Similar to Christmas, but the emphasis is on gift giving and spending time with loved ones. Because it was a holiday, no one had work or school.

The day started with breakfast. Levi made pancakes. Last time he made them, he did so in the buff autonomously. I think he did that to impress Spica, who knows. But with 3 children in the apartment, I’m glad he kept his pajamas on this time. I left them to eat and autonomously chat with each other.

Next up was the tree decorating. I didn’t realize there was an empty tree in build/buy mode that can have Sims decorate. In my past stories, I just used the fully decorated tree that was available. I like this better. Especially for a gameplay blog.

I also spruced up the apartment with other holiday decorations to fulfill one of the holiday event tasks.

The household was letting me know they were cold, so I went into CAS and updated their cold weather outfit slot #5 to holiday style while Levi and Spica finished decorating the tree by themselves. That was a little fun to do since most of their outfits were Stylized Looks premade by the game. I was tempted to put them all in ugly sweaters, but I had some other ones pop in my head, so I changed my mind. The 3 kids sat on the couch, talking to each other and watching the adults finish decorating.

I then sent them off to do their own things autonomously for awhile.

Even Whopper dressed up for the holiday event.

This cracked me up inside. As everyone was doing their thing autonomously, I saw a pile of snow in Levi’s actions area. So I right clicked his image to see what he was up to. He was shoveling snow outside. *laughing* And not where the door is, but on the side of the apartment.

“It’s freezing weather outside. Aren’t you cold, lady?”

It’s really hard to do many activities in an apartment for a holiday event. At least there were no gnomes to appease. That is why I decided to let the household go off and do their own thing. I promise the heir of the next generation will be in an actual home. Then there can be a little more fun to gameplay and show off next Winterfest.

When Levi was done shoveling, he put some presents under the tree. In build/buy mode, I placed items I think the 3 kids might use in their teenager to adult years. Then I had Levi place them in his inventory and he’ll give these gifts to his kids later. Since he is the founder and the one this generation is mainly focused on, I’m only going to have him do any gift giving.

Just a cute shot of Whopper taking a nap on the couch. Isn’t he adorable?!

Later that day, Levi started preparing the Winterfest Grand Meal. The family had a ham dinner for Harvestfest, so Levi is preparing a turkey for this holiday.

Before they sat down to eat, I had Levi light the Winterfest holiday tree and the whole family admired it.

Then it was dinner time. The household sat around the table together. I had Levi Call to Meal and then let the autonomy take over. They did a lot of talking. There was some laughter in there as well, which is good. I am truly enjoying the Hayward household as a gameplay. They are a fun bunch to watch.

Finally it was time to open gifts! Youngest was first. Levi gave a present to Jason as he is the youngest of the twins. Since Jason loved the Wabbit Tablet as a toddler, Levi is giving Jason a Standard Portable Computer…in our terms, a laptop.

You’ll have to excuse the plate in Levi’s hand. He was in the process of cleaning up when it was time to open gifts, so he’s going to be carrying this plate around. *laughing*

Jaxon was the next to receive his present from Levi. I wasn’t sure what to have Levi give a chatterbox of a Charmer. Jaxon did enjoy dancing a lot and maybe too much as a Child. So Levi gives Jaxon a Zen Again Yoga Mat, so he can control his dancing urges by doing yoga instead.

Then we have our silly Summer. She has the erratic trait, but she also likes to be funny. Sometimes it’s hard to tell which is coming out. So Levi gives her The Royal We Microphone. Then she can tell her jokes to her family or talk to herself through the microphone.

Then the Hayward family had a surprise visitor – Father Winter. He came by to hand out gifts to them because they’ve been good. At least that’s the story I am sticking with. *laughing*

As I don’t want to screen shot all the family getting gifts, I’ll do the very first one with Levi, but share what each family member received from Father Winter.

Levi was given a Lucky Man Folded Laundry. That’s kind of funny. Almost as if Father Winter gave Levi some new clothes.

Spica received an E.A.S.L. Easel. I guess Father Winter believes Spica should take up the hobby of painting to impress her husband?

Father Winter gave Summer some Tiny Teacher Nesting Blocks. I don’t think this was a nice gift. It’s for toddlers only. Is Father Winter calling Summer a toddler? Naughty Father Winter.

I am nervous to see what Father Winter gives Jaxon then. Jaxon gets a Lump of Clay. What in the world? These are not appropriate gifts for the kids. At least it’s not a lump of coal.

Last but not least, we have Jason. What inappropriate gift is Father Winter going to give him? Jason receives a PenguinVision Television Set. I guess Jason is Father Winter’s favorite of the 3 kids.

After Father Winter left and the children all went to bed, Levi finally gives Spica her Winterfest present.

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3 thoughts on “1.56: Winterfest”

  • Awwww, they’re simply having a wonderful Winterfest! I loved Whopper’s little sweater! So cute! 😀 Father Winter is a bit hit and miss with his gift giving. I’d be careful with that lump of clay. Sims really love to play with that when they should really be doing other things. And I especially loved the fact that the woohoo was Spica’s present. LOL. Nice!

  • I wonder if father winter is thinking of the kids futures. And what their children will like so they have the perfect gift to give their own kids some day because he knew Levi was already taking care of the now so wonderfully.
    1)nesting blocks. Maybe summer is going to have a bunch of kids.
    2) clay. An artistic child? Because that lump of clay is fun to play with and see what is made from it actually. Like what mystery painting shows up on the easel.
    3) penguin tv. Is a future grandchild of levi’s going to really love penguins perhaps?
    I’m curious to see how these gifts turn out being used because the game knows things. It really does. :O

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