1.55: Brindleton Pawspital

Using MC Command Center Mod, I jumped ahead in the game approximately 2 weeks. In that time as it was flashing by, notifications were popping up. Brent and Brant’s dog, Rosie, passed away. Must have been such a sad day for the 2. The faking their death Marcus Flex has aged up to an Elder. Or maybe he’s faking being old now. Who knows. Many of The Art Academy Club members aged up. Essie was the only one to become an elder. The others aged up to Adulthood to join Levi.

Something seemed to be wrong with Whopper and I didn’t even know. I had Levi ask What’s Wrong? to get an indication, but I don’t know what that thought bubble was. Then the notification came up that Whopper was sick. Poor kitty.

I’d have one of the twins take Whopper to the vet, but they’re not old enough. So Levi does it instead. They arrive at Brindleton Pawspital. I love that name: Pawspital. It’s clever for which ever game designer thought it up.

When Levi and Whopper arrived, it was very cold outside. The doctors and nurses must be really cold just standing out there. Levi’s even tense because it’s so cold out.

I like the technology in the game as well. Sign your pets in via computer. Less hassle than all that paperwork one would typically need to do.

A vet will be with you soon to examine and treat your sick pet. Please be patient!

At least they said please. *laughing*

Levi does his best to comfort Whopper autonomously. This is what I really like about The Sims games. Each sim has a personality of their own. One does not need to control the sim. They’ll do what needs to be done on their own if you let them (and have autonomous on); this includes taking care of each other.

“I have no sympathy. It’s your fault for going out in the freezing weather like that. You could have been one of the first ones in when the game loaded. But no, you had to wait for a long period of time. Again, I have no sympathy. Just don’t get Levi sick or Whopper sicker than he already is. Thank you!”

Does the nurse or doctor here even know what she’s doing? Look at her deep in thought. Poor Whopper needs help and she’s thinking what he might have.

As she continues to think, poor Whopper is crying out for help. I am not happy right now. Levi may be putting on a fake smile for Whopper, but I’m not. I want this nurse or doctor fired!

I’m going to be really nasty right now and say, “Bite her, Whopper!”

Shouldn’t she have done this part from the start? I’m really appalled right now. I want poor Whopper to be better and happy.

Finally, a diagnosis. He has Wild Repugnitis. Whopper’s been uncomfortable enough and Levi is going to go with the expensive treatment just so he can take Whopper home and the poor kitty can be happy again.

I’m happy that is all done and over with. Whopper is all happy again!

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3 thoughts on “1.55: Brindleton Pawspital”

  • Poor Wopper! 😕
    I hardly dare admit that the picture where he complains about the vet made me laugh 😳
    I’m glad he got an expensive treatment and avoided the screen of shame.

    • When she’s coming in out of the cold? I was laughing. Who stands out there for that long wearing short sleeves? lol

  • Poor Whopper! At least the vet finally got him healthy again… eventually. I don’t like the way the Sims themselves do things. Like when they walk into a properly air conditioned house and have to pause to “savor” it. The vet just seems to be clogged up with AI interactions and isn’t responding properly. Buggy games are buggy.

    Still, Whopper is all better now.

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