1.54: TV Season Premiere

A few days after New Skill Day, it finally snowed for the 1st time of the winter season. Because it was a weekday, the kids have school first. Then the family can go outside and check out the snow.

Levi received a call from Landgraab Elementary in regards to Jason and his art drawing. Supposedly it was inappropriate. Jason drawing naughty pictures? I don’t think so. That’s more Jaxon than Jason. But Levi says it’s the teacher’s call on what to do. Hopefully it’s not too harsh.

When school ended, the Hayward household went outside to view the snow. Technically it’s all of theirs first time seeing it. Levi poofed into existence as a young adult and missed any type of childhood. San Myshuno is actually pretty with all the snow. I did my own scrolling around the city just to take it all in before heading back to Levi.

Jason on the other hand I think has mixed feelings about the snow. The moment of pausing looks like he is trying to brush any flakes that landed on him off along with the snowflake thought bubble. The rest of the family seem to be enjoying the snowfall and scenery. Look at those smiles.

Again, I wanted to capture any speech or thought bubbles. To do so, I had to keep the plumbob effect on as well as grouping effects. But since this is more of a gameplay blog rather than a story telling, I’m beginning to be more and more comfortable having them in screen shots. I’m think starting in Generation 2, I’ll just keep it on the whole time. If the plumbob is shown, it’s shown.

After some snow angel making and the twins having a small snowball fight, it seemed it might be time to head back inside. Spica was already on that autonomously. It’s freezing weather and she just goes outside in a sweater. Yeah, I would want to go back inside too.

It looks like Summer is hungry. She wants a nice warm grilled cheese sandwich. I haven’t made the ever popular grilled cheese in this gameplay yet. “Thanks for the suggestion, Summer!” Jaxon still wanted to snowball fight, but Jason was done.

Levi made grilled cheese sandwiches per Summer’s request. Normally the family would eat at the dinner table, but tonight there’s a TV Premiere. Levi missed out on the last one because he didn’t have a television at the time in his little cottage. The apartment supplied one when he rented this.

The Season Premiere of The Last Sim on Earth was going to air. The household has been watching tv lately, so seeing a television premiere would be fun. They gathered in the living room to eat their grilled cheese and watch the premiere together.

I think the boys were more interested in the show than the girls. Mom and daughter sat at the counter instead and chatted with each other. Dad and sons ate quietly and watched the show.

When 2:00am rolled around, Levi and the twins were the only ones that received credit for watching the TV Season Premiere.

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2 thoughts on “1.54: TV Season Premiere”

  • Gotta love these random Sims events like TV Premier LOL. A great way to gain some satisfaction points and spend time with the family… or at least part of it.

  • That’s me and my mother in law when we all gather to watch something new airing. We end up chatting in the kitchen xD

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