1.52: Levi Ages Up

Just as Harvestfest concludes, it’s time for Levi to remove the young part of his life stage and join his wife, Spica, in Adulthood. I’m glad I chose the long lifespan. At the rate I was going, Levi would have been an elder by now on normal. All 3 kids probably would have been teenagers or even young adults already and Spica most likely would have died of old age. So, I repeat that I am glad I decided to go with the long lifespan. It’s been fun being able to watch these sims excel at a decent pace.

Levi has today off from work, but the kids still have school as it’s now a Friday. It’s no fun to celebrate an aging up if the whole family cannot be there. So, Levi waits for his kids to get home. Then the party can begin. He invites over the Art Academy club members as it’s Friday and tonight would be a meeting night. Now it’s a aging up party night instead. Levi also invites his BFF, Brent.

The evening was mostly about hanging out with family and friends. The guests even got to meet Whopper.

Then it was time for Levi to Make a Wish and blow out his aging up candles. Everyone around had thought bubbles of Levi. That’s nice that they were thinking about him. All except Mark. Mark had a speech bubble of books. *laughing* I wonder wonder what he was saying in regards with the books.

“Welcome to Adulthood, Levi!”

It was nice seeing all the guests mingle with each other autonomously. It’s more fun watching the sims do their own thing most of the time rather than forcing them to do this or that. Summer was getting to know Mark. And all the club members were chatting it up with each other.

Then we have Brent with a catching glove and ball in a speech bubble. I think he wants his hubby, Brant, to throw him a piece of cake. “No throwing cake in the apartment, Brant!”

Levi easily and quickly reached gold status for the Birthday (ugghh, I hate that word for the sims) event. So I had him end the event early. He received a dresser for reaching the gold medal status. Is that the only gift there is? *laughing*

I let things go autonomously after concluding the event. Guests slowly started to trickle out. Levi started to clean up, having the Neat trait . I think Jaxon was also cleaning up, but with his thought bubble of the cake while staring at the counter; it looks like he was wondering what happened to all the cake. *laughing* Is Essie offering to help clean up? That’s nice of her if she is. Or maybe she’s just admiring that Levi, the aging up boy, is the one cleaning up.

“Happy Aging Up, Levi!”

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  • Now that’s a busy cake day party! LOL Lots of people, lots of cake, Whopper, and everyone seemed to have a blast. I suck at throwing cake day parties, but try I must! LOL.

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