1.51: Harvestfest

Fall season is slowly coming to a close. I am a little upset with myself because I wanted to add a custom holiday, Spooky Day. It’s based off of the Halloween holiday. I forgot to add it to the calendar for the first calendar year of this legacy. Those tuning in and continuing to read on to Generation 2 will see it then. There are other custom holidays as well that might appear for Generation 2.

Today is Harvestfest. This is The Sims own version of Thanksgiving, but with more fun because there are gnomes who need appeasing. And if they aren’t, well…! Because Levi and family live in an apartment, I can’t really decorate the outside. But there’s a few items to decorate the inside of the apartment. This helps to achieve the decorate goal.

Everyone has the day off because it’s a holiday. The household was awake bright and early. This is the first time playing a Harvestfest holiday event for me. As soon as I saw 2 gnomes pop up next to each other, I figured it would be fun for the twins to investigate together and each try to appease a gnome.

Gnomes like food, right? Jaxon offered the 1st gnome a pie while Jason offered the 2nd one a fruitcake. I tried fruitcake once. It wasn’t all that horrible as people make it out to be. It’s not the best thing, either. Little red flames rose above the gnomes head and confetti fell upon the twins. Both also received a positive empathy from it. The confetti signified that they completed the task for the holiday event.

But I don’t think the gnomes were appeased. Then the kitchen sink broke. That’s not good.

As Levi is mopping up the mess from the sink, Summer comes over and pleads forgiveness from one of the gnomes.

But these gnomes don’t seem to be the forgiving type. Poor Summer gets electrified. She didn’t even try to appease them. She was asking for forgiveness because of the offerings her brothers gave. And she gets the punishment? “Not cool, gnomes! Not cool!”

Let’s see how the grownups fair. Spica finds a female gnome in the bedroom. She offers it a toy. I mean, the food didn’t work for the other 2 and food doesn’t belong in the bedroom.

And the bedroom gnome is appeased. She liked the toy. She ends up with a gold ring above her head. The gnome also leaves some seasonal summer plants seeds.

As there are only 3 gnomes in the apartment, Levi goes to the displeased one that gave his precious daughter a shock. What do I have him do? I have him kick the darn gnome for being mean. Oh my goodness, I am laughing so hard right now. The gnome explodes into a pile of trash and leaves behind a Quartz. The bubbles on Levi and Jaxon are great as well. I think this is the highlight of my chapter for me.

Oh, snap! A bunch of gnomes appeared and are not happy. This isn’t good. It’s still funny as heck, but I think something bad is about to happen. Things start breaking all over the apartment.

As much as I didn’t want to, I had the household kick all the gnomes, only because as I was replacing the broken appliances, the gnomes would break them again.

Jason and Whopper were entertaining each other while the others cleaned up the gnome mess.

Before lunch, the household got fancied up in one of their party outfits and sat in the living room. Then they gave each other a Be Thankful talk with another household member, fulfilling another task for the holiday event.

Having a level 10 in the Cooking skill and being the founder of this legacy, Levi prepared the Grand Meal that was for dinner. And it turned out to be an Excellent meal indeed.

Replacing the cornucopia with the ham dinner, Levi called everyone to the Grand Meal. They each grabbed a plate and sat down autonomously at the table and began chatting with each other. What turned out to be an eventful morning with the gnomes turned to a somber evening where the household was enjoying each others company.

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  • I hate the gnomes. Little buggers always want something, never tell you what it is, then you have to hope they are happy and don’t go rampaging around the house breaking everything. Although, to find one slight sliver lining… at least sims can get their handiness skill up that way! LOL

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