1.48: Whopper

The next day at school, grade A student Jason either has a crush or someone who wants to cheat off his work. He would be too embarrassed if he confronted her and it turned out she liked him, so he plays keep away.

Jason picks a seat way in the back where the girl won’t go (too far from the board). Of course, now all the cool kids in the back of the room want to copy off Jason’s work.

“Tough break, Jason. Sorry!”

Around the same time, the school Principal is visiting Summer’s class. The student behind her is pelting her with spit balls. Summer would be the type to get annoyed with the brat and turn around and tell him to stop.

Summer scribbles a note and passes it back to the kid: “Stop or I’ll tell.” The kid wads up the paper and fires it at Summer, but it misses and rolls up to the teacher’s feet. For once somebody else gets in trouble, and Summer gets off scot free!

“That’ll teach him, Summer. I hope the teacher reads the note as well. You did good!”

When the kids got home from school, I wanted to give the twins something special. If you’ve been reading since they became the child life stage, you’ll know that both Jaxon and Jason randomly received the Cat Lover trait. I keep track of the whims the household gets and will occasionally pin the ones I want to keep and have that sim do. Jaxon has Play With a Cat (From Being a Cat Lover) and Jason has Adopt a Cat (From Being a Cat Lover) that I pinned.

Levi went to his phone and selected the option to Adopt a Cat. 8 available cats showed up. The first 5 are kittens and the other 3 are adult cats. I didn’t want them to get an adult cat. That narrowed it down to 5. I was drawn to the Tuxedo kitten right away and decided on that so I didn’t have to sit and contemplate for hours which little kitty to pick. I used to own a tuxedo cat, but the family made the hard decision to put her down late last year in 2020 due to health concerns.


The kitten is for the twins mostly, but we’ll let Levi enjoy the moment since he paid 200 simoleons to adopt this precious kitten. His name is Whopper. It’s a game generated name. Of course now that he’s part of the family, he received the Hayward last name.

Jason went to go meet the new member of the household. He’s still in his Winnie The Pooh phase (shout out to Kellogg_J_Kellogg for that).“You’re going to scare the little guy with that bear suit, Jason!”

Jason just became friends with Whopper.

I stand corrected. Perhaps Whopper can sense Jason is a Cat Lover even with that big bear suit on.

It was Jaxon’s turn to try and make friends with Whopper.

Jaxon just became friends with Whopper.

With Jason shrugging his shoulders talking to Levi and the vacuum speech bubble, I am just going to assume he’s asking his dad why things have to be cleaned when they’re just going to get dirty again.

With his whim, Play With a Cat (From Being a Cat Lover), Jason gives Whopper more attention.

Whopper then went off to explore. He found the bathroom. “That’s where the human sims go potty, Whopper. You go potty in the the rectangular box with the kitty litter on the other end of the bathroom. It’s just for you.”

Sadly, Whopper wanted attention while the kids were sleeping. “They have school in the morning, Whopper. I see Levi is still up. Maybe he will play with you.”


Levi’s Current Skills

Bowling – 1
Charisma – 6
Comedy – 3

Cooking – 10
Dancing – 1
Fitness – 5
Gardening – 1
Gourmet Cooking – 3
Handiness – 1
Logic – 1
Mischief – 6
Naturism – 2
Painting – 10
Parenting – 7

Persuasion – 1
Singing – 1
Vampire Lore – 2
Video Gaming – 4
Wellness – 1
Writing – 1

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2 thoughts on “1.48: Whopper”

  • Oh! I can see that Whopper is squinting!
    How charming he is. One cannot help but love him right away ❤

  • D’awww, what a cute kitty! I love cats. I, too, had to put the cat down 2 days after Mom passed last year because he got real sick just before Mom passed and there wasn’t much the vet could do. 🙁
    Anyway, lovely kitty. It was sad to see his sad kitty bubble because he wanted attention when the kids were sleeping.

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