1.47: Phases And Friends

Using MC Command Center Mod, I advanced time from Saturday night to Monday morning. During this time the game still played itself out, but in speed mode. It’s like fast forwarding a tv show or movie on your television. But with this, you don’t get to watch all the movements. You do get to experience all the notifications, text messages, and phone calls. I bypass all the phone calls as it could potentially mess up the gameplay save.

I am happy to say within that speedup, Levi finally got that promotion I talked about at the end of the last chapter. This happened to be his last promotion as well. He is now known as a Patron of the Arts. I didn’t expect him to reach his final career point until he was at least past the Young Adult life stage. “So proud of you, Levi!”

Levi also received a new bed when he was promoted. It’s sunflowery. He received a sunflower vase as one of his first couple promotions I believe. I switched the bed out for this new one. It matches the apartment in general. The colors of the apartment were mainly green and yellow. All the remodeling I’ve done, I tried to stick with that color scheme.

Jason is going through a phase. He’s found a spirit animal. Jason will only want to wear his bear suit.

Aww, how adorable. Jason is going to get hot in this thing, tho. I know it’s not going to happen, but it would be interesting to see notifications of how this turns out at school, because he’s going to be wearing this suit for who knows how long. I don’t remember how long the phases last. But the game proves me wrong. Jason changes into his regular clothes and gets a Sad moodlet – Un-Bear-able Sadness (From I’m a Bear Childhood Phase).

I still want Levi to get to the Excellent performance of his job, so I’ll still have him paint before heading off to work. I’m curious to find out what happens when he hits that mark. I’ve never had any of my sims reach their final career title.

Since we have a sad child in the house, Levi will create a Sad canvas. This will be the 2nd one he paints. The 1st one looked like a wilting flower. Hopefully he can be more creative with this one. It ends up being the exact same painting as before. No more sad paintings. I don’t like this one. He needs to stop painting it.

Levi gets a phone call from the school. Jaxon has a bully taking his lunch money and now he’s in the office crying. I figured Jaxon would be the type to stand up for himself. If it were Summer or Jason, I’d pick the other one and have Levi tell the school to find the kid who did this or he will.

After school, the twins came home with good news. They are both A students. Summer has continued to keep her A grade as well.

Summer wants to have one of her classmates over. I think it’s nice she has someone that wants to hang out with her. Of course this classmate can come over.

This is Lauryn, Summer’s classmate. We saw her at the park in the last chapter. Maybe these 2 hit it off and now are becoming friends. Not exactly sure what Summer is talking to her about with those broken rings in her speech bubble. I won’t ask.

Part of Jaxon’s Child Aspiration is making friends with children his life stage. So of course I force him to talk to her as well. By the time Lauryn had to leave, the two did become friends. Summer also became friends with Lauryn.

I thought Jason would have turned back into his bear suit when he got home, but he remained in his normal clothing with the sad moodlet.

Oh, but during the evening hours Jason did change back into his cute little bear suit. Summer, being the silly and jokester one of the family probably thinks this is funny. I don’t think she understands that Jason is going through a phase and is serious about being a bear.

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  • LOL, the bear suit! LOL. That always makes me laugh. It’s not like they’re going through the only wanting to wear PJ’s phase or the not eating veggies phase… not in TS4, it’s always some costume. LOL But they do look cute in this phase! LOL. I love it.

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