1.46: Desert Bloom

It is now the weekend and the kids don’t go to school on weekends. Once Levi went to work, Spica, Summer and the twins went out to the park in Oasis Springs so the kids could try and work on some of their Aspirations. For some reason, I really like this park.

It was a partly cloudy hot day, so the game dressed them all up in one of their hot weather outfits. It does fit for the Oasis Springs theme. Did I mention how much I enjoy the Stylized Looks the game provides so I don’t have to hunt and peck to see what my sims can wear? *laughing* Yeah, I think I mentioned it quite a few times since this legacy started.

Summer is the oldest, so she gets to work on hers first forcefully. Hopefully the twins and Spica work on theirs autonomously and I can catch up with them in a bit. My goal is to get the kids to complete their Child Aspirations and then time can fast forward more. I want to experience new things in the game, but with long lifespan on it can be a bit repetitive. I don’t mind it, but if I am blogging it, it can turn into something very boring to read.

Summer heads over to the monkey bars. There seems to be another child here, too. This could be good for social butterfly Jaxon. It’s also not bad for Summer to meet someone new as well. I get her to do funny social interactions with one of the children before sending her back on the monkey bars. She needs to be in a playful mood on the monkey bars to achieve part of her Milestone.

By the end of the afternoon and before going home, Summer has achieved the Milestone 1 and almost half of Milestone 2. She needs to do some typing now for the 2nd Milestone which really cannot be done at the park.

I found Jaxon chatting it up with the adults in the housing area where there’s a bar. Levi painted a picture of a mixologist here awhile back before Jaxon was born. He did so much chatting and hanging out here that he completed his Milestone 2 before going home at the end of the afternoon. The next Milestone is all about making friends with other children and adults. And finally reaching level 10 in Social.

I noticed Spica was here, too. Maybe Jaxon followed her here and decided to socialize here with the adults instead of with the all children outside playing.

And here we have Jason who autonomously went to the chess table while I was controlling Summer. I am not surprised. He really likes the one I bought for the household. It’s a bummer that he is playing all by himself, tho. What’s nice is he needs to play another game as part of his Child Aspiration. Can a sim play a game by themselves? The answer is no. Sadly, Jason didn’t complete anything for his Aspiration at the park before the end of the afternoon and going home. However, he leveled up his Mental skill by 1.5. So he came away with something from it. I’ll get him working on his Child Aspiration when he gets home. He has a lot of catching up to do on his sister and brother.

I sent mom and the kids home from the park when the notification that Levi came home from work appeared. I was disappointed that he didn’t get his promotion. He was just a few ticks away and now he’s about one tick away. As soon as the arrow moves to the right even just a tad, he’s got the promotion.

His pants match the couch. Just thought I would share!

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  • A nice park indeed! I love how the kids are basically taking care of themselves. Autonomy on is never a dull thing or a bad thing. Unless you’re rushing to get aspirations completed before an age up.

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