1.45: Volunteer…

It’s the first week of the Fall season. Each season is 28 days in my gameplay and Levi started his adventure on the 1st day of Spring in Newcrest. 2 seasons passing and he’s living in San Myshuno as a well known Painter Extraordinaire, has a best friend, good job, and a beautiful wife with 3 adorable children.

Since the beginning, Levi would always have a whim to Volunteer with Family that I would constantly have to cancel even when he didn’t have a family yet. Now that he does, I’d like to give Levi a chance to finally Volunteer with Family (From Being Near a Family Member). Once the kids were home from school, Levi went to his phone to Volunteer… Walk to Fight Disease. Some of the other volunteer work might be too much for the childhood stage. Walking is good exercise.

Well, darn. I guess the family goes off on their own and I can’t follow. This is the first time I ever did a Volunteer option in The Sims game. However, there is an option for me to pick for a family member. At least I get to help out myself somehow. *laughing*

During the walk, there’s a sim that purposely keeps walking slightly faster than Summer. She has the option to race the other sim or ignore them. These are kids. They just want to have some fun. The race is on!

And this is what happens when you do. I’m glad Summer and the other sim had fun. I only wish I could have seen it.

Summer Hayward gains some Conflict Resolution from peacefully resolving the competition at the charity walk.


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