1.44: The Lottery

As Wednesday rolls around in-game, it’s Lottery day. Levi and Spica have to try again. They didn’t win last time, perhaps this could be their lucky time. A lottery ticket costs 100 simoleons each and I think they can afford that. I have them each buy a ticket from their phone.

It’s time for another Levi painting before heading off to work. He’s going to create a large Surrealism canvas. It seems he wants to try this one again, as he’s already painted this. It’s even displayed in the kids’ room. Levi will finish this when he gets home from work.

Levi is getting interviewed at work and is deciding on what to wear. The local news station is interviewing him on his Island Art exhibition. I was going back and forth on this for awhile deciding if Levi should wear a fun outfit to match the exhibit or go formal. Because it was just a news station, Levi decides to go the fun route and wear a palm tree costume.

Viewers are caught off guard to see a talking palm tree, and many of them come to see the exhibition.

Sometimes fun is the way to go. Levi ended up with a medium performance gain with that stunt. “Well done, Levi!”

When the kids arrived home from school, they also came home with better grades. Summer is now an A student and the twins are B students. Doing their homework and projects on time pay off.

Summer begins shouting forbidden words when the kids get to their bedroom. I don’t think she likes the chess set I placed. Jason is in awe it looks like. And Jaxon looks happy for his brother.

After dinner, Jason plays a game or 2 of chess with his brother. He’s the only one that has not started on his Child Aspiration. Jaxon is a little over halfway done with his 2nd Milestone and Summer is exactly halfway through her 1st Milestone.

I wonder if the Social Butterfly, Jaxon, has got a little competitive side to him?! Again, he gets the most speech and thought bubbles of the kids and a lot of them are chess pieces and magnify glasses during the game. Then I notice the little bugger, Jason, cheat. He points off in a direction behind Jaxon. As Jaxon turns around, Jason switches pieces. “No cheating, Jason! You know better!” *laughing* And to make things worse for Jason, he still lost to his brother. Jaxon got the Chess Victor moodlet. “Cheaters usually never win, Jason. Did you learn your lesson?”

During the twins’ chess game, Summer wanted to play with one of her toys and couldn’t find it. She approaches her dad to let him know. If I were Levi, I would tell her to keep looking for it or perhaps ask one of her brothers.

During the night as everyone was sleeping, Jason jumped out of bed freaking out. Of course, this wakes up Jaxon and Summer. The poor child is scared there is a monster under his bed. He then proceeds to try and reason with it. The monster is having none of it and enjoys scaring the daylights out of Jason. So Jason ran to mom for help. Spica must have told him that there’s no such thing as monsters hiding under beds because he proceeded to wake up dad after waking up mom.

Summer sees it too and starts to freak out. She too runs to mom and dad’s room. Levi follows Jason and Summer to their bedroom.

Another moment where I kept the plumbob in the picture. For those just tuning in and haven’t read previous chapters, I try and not show the plumbob above the sim’s head. I’ll either select another sim or turn the plumbob off for the screen shot. For this particular image, if I turn off the plumbob, the thought bubble goes away. So, enjoy the plumbob.

Levi gets out a spray bottle and starts to spray under Summer’s bed. “Uh, Levi. Wrong bed. It’s under Jason’s.” When he was done, he was satisfied the monster was no longer there. But look at Jason. He even knows dad sprayed the wrong bed.

I do wonder if this was a small glitch. Or perhaps there was a monster under Summer’s bed as well. But I really only saw her freaking out about the one under Jason’s bed. Also, I did capture an image of Jason freaking out, but forgot to save it. I was about to ditch the whole monster under the bed thing when all of a sudden I saw Summer go over to the bed and freak out as well. I did a screen shot and immediately saved it that time. I really wish the readers could have seen Jason freak out. I got a capture of him doing a little dance. It was cute.

The next day while the kids were at school, Jaxon attended a Spelling Bee. And he was really good at it. He made it to the final round. But then it came his turn and he’s never heard of the word he is suppose to spell. Poor guy. But one of the school’s braniacs is showing him a notebook page from the crowd. He could possibly cheat. “You saw what happened when your brother cheated to you in chess, Jaxon.” But I think he would take the help if he got it. He’s just a child and sometimes children don’t know any better.

Pretending to concentrate, Jaxon closes his eyes and recites the letters from the girl’s notebook. It’s correct! Jaxon is the surprise winner! He feels a little guilty, but basks in his 5 seconds of academic fame.

“You got lucky, Jaxon.” He also got a small performance gain.

While Levi was snooping around the kids’ bedroom, the lottery results came in.

The results are in and the lucky lotto winner is … Miwa Ota!



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