1.43: School Projects

The pajama aging up party for the twins went well past midnight. Sadly, I had to have Levi send Brent and Rigel home because the kiddos had school in the morning and it’s the first day for Jaxon and Jason. I prefer them not starting school off on a bad start with their Needs in the yellow or orange.

When I sent Jaxon and Jason to bed, they both decided the pajamas they were wearing needed changing and changed into another set autonomously. *laughing* I finally got to play with the platforms that were introduced months ago. Builders had learned how to build bunk beds with them and I watched a few YouTube videos. Because the 3 kids still need to share a room, having bunk beds saves space. It’s not the best of bunk beds building, but I like what I did. And in the end, that’s all that really matters. Because if I like it, so does Jaxon and Jason. *eyebrow wiggling*

Summer’s little corner also got a rearrangement so everything didn’t looked so cramped. I impressed myself I am making this work with having 3 kids share such a small space.

After breakfast the next morning, the 3 kids started chatting with each other. Neat (freak) trait Levi cleaned up after his kids. Jaxon was about to, but his dad beat him to it. I’m sure Jason was glad he didn’t have to, because we know he wouldn’t have on his own anyway. With him having the Slob trait, I’m not going to force him into cleaning. There’s 2 Neat trait household members who will do that.

Jaxon is a social butterfly, so he’s been doing most of the talking with a bunch of speech bubbles more than on Jason and Summer. I checked out some of the social interactions that Jaxon could do with his twin since he was already at Social level 3. Look what option I found! There was a Become Best Friends Forever. Oh, yes. These twins are definitely going to be BFFs. Using MC Command Center Mod, I have it so the sims can have more than 1 BFF at a time. So, he could potentially have another down the road, but his first BFF should be his twin brother. This also helps Jaxon complete half of his Milestone 2 for his Social Butterfly Aspiration.

All 3 kids come home with a school project. These things tend to take forever to do. I guess they’ll fulfill their Needs throughout the night as they work on their projects.

Summer was first to complete her project. She created a Chemical Reaction Volcano. I wanted her to move quickly through it and had her do a sloppy job. She didn’t disappoint. *laughing* I have a feeling she agrees that it is a sloppy job and not very good.

Same project and same hurriedness with Jaxon. Another sloppy job. But he didn’t seem to mind at all. But poor Summer is still not happy. “I’m sorry, Summer. If you get another project, I promise to allow you to do a careful job at it.” Jaxon sees how upset Summer is and I think he’s trying to cheer her up with a llama joke.

Jason had to create a Medieval Castle Diorama. Because he’s a Whiz Kid, I had him work on his project carefully. I think his twin brother is impressed.

All 3 were rewarded with extra credit for finishing their projects quickly.


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