1.42: Jaxon And Jason Age Up

As Sunday rolls around in-game, it’s time for the twins to leave the toddler times behind and join their big sister in childhood status. With the looks of it, I think the 2 are excited to finally age up together. If they weren’t bugging mom and dad, and sometimes their sister, these 2 were always hanging out together playing at the treehouse or sitting on their beds talking to each other. It was really fun to watch. These 2 definitely have a special bond.

I thought it would be fun to having a pajama aging up party for Jaxon and Jason. It’s something different. I’ve never had a pajama party or overnight sleepovers growing up. At least not that I can remember.

Levi took a vacation day from work. It’s funny because he only works 3 days a week right now. But it’s his 2 sons aging ups and he should spend the day with them. Plus, Levi has 10 vacation days saved up. 10! That’s a lot. I think he can use one for this.

Like Summer’s aging up party, uncle Brent (For those who did not read past chapters, he is not really their uncle. He is Levi’s best friend. As in a true BFF type. He’s even hung out with Summer and the boys when he’s visited in the past. I consider him to be an uncle to the 3 kids with how he’s been interacting with them autonomously.) and Aunt Rigel were the only 2 invited. Because this is a pajama aging up party, I was able to use MC Command Center Mod to easily put Brent and Rigel in their sleepwear outfit. I guess Brent doesn’t like to wear a shirt to bed. He could have at least worn one for the party. That’s okay tho, Jaxon isn’t wearing one either.

As a side note, I got a notification that Rigel aged up to an Adult. She is secretly celebrating her aging up the same day as the twins. “Happy Aging Up, Rigel!”

Because one should really have a meal before cake, Levi made a tuna casserole ahead of time. I’m trying to have the family eat a little healthier than before. It’s been working. Not sure how healthy a tuna casserole is, but it’s better than some of the other things a sim can cook for a meal.

Brent and Rigel were the first to grab a plate and both headed to the dining room table. Maybe these 2 can have a good relationship autonomously. Summer decided to join them. Perhaps she wants to also have a higher relationship status with her unofficial uncle and her aunt.

I don’t know why, but Levi decided to eat dinner by himself at the counter. He could have joined Summer, Brent, and Rigel at the table. Maybe he’s deep in thought about something (perhaps his 2 toddlers about to age up) and wanted to eat by himself.

Instead of joining the rest of the family and have dinner, Spica heads to the computer to play R.E.F.U.G.E. She boggles my mind. She didn’t eat before Summer aged up and now she’s not eating before the boys age up. Maybe it’s the cake! She doesn’t want to overstuff herself and just saving room for the aging up cake later. Yeah. That’s it. *laughing*

And then we have the aging up twins, Jaxon and Jason. They’re following mom and not wanting dinner. But for very different reasons. As you see, they would rather play than eat. That is typical for a toddler, I think.

After dinner, it was time for Jaxon and Jason to say goodbye to being toddlers. Levi had baked a hamburger cake for the 2 as that is something boys would like I would think. I know I would. Summer’s aging up, Levi made a black and white cake. More feminine I think. I’m just guessing.

As Jaxon was born first of the 2, he is going to age up first. As Levi helps him blow out the candles, mom and uncle Brent are behind them cheering Jaxon on.

Before I get into the Aspiration and Traits for Jaxon, I guess I should go over something. If you’ve read Summer Ages Up, you’ll know that I was able to pick 3 traits for her at the Child stage. This is a Mod. If you don’t have a Traits Mod, you’ll get the normal 1 trait for Child, 1 trait for Teenager, and 1 trait for Young Adult. The Mod I use is called Add Traits In Regular Menu Mod. This allows additional traits for each life stage. I won’t be adding more during the Teenager and Young Adult as the game is set up for 3 without cheats. I have been using cheats here and there, but doing my best to keep them as minimal as possible.

So, I click on the random dice for Jaxon. One of the traits needs to be Art Lover, Neat, Good, Genius, or Geek for me to stop as those are the traits of Levi and Spica combined. And the trait to match one of the parent’s is… Neat. This is from Levi who also has that trait. With the randomized dice also comes… Cat Lover and Squeamish. Jaxon also received a bonus trait, Top-Notch Toddler (From having all level 5 toddler skills).

I guess the household is going to be adopting a cat. Neat and Squeamish kind of go together. It’ll be interesting to see what squeamish things come upon Jaxon.

Because he randomized the Charmer trait as a toddler, I am giving Jaxon the Social Butterfly Aspiration.

Then it was Jason’s turn. Unfortunately there were no party favors for him. He blew out the candles with Levi before everyone could gather around. They all still celebrated, tho.

Jason’s trait that matches his mom and/or dad is… Geek, which comes from Spica. With the randomized dice also comes… Cat Lover and Slob. Jason also received a bonus trait, Top-Notch Toddler (From having all level 5 toddler skills).

Wow! The twins share a trait and love cats. But the best and funniest is they each have a trait that is opposite each other. Jaxon is Neat and Jason is a Slob. This will be fun to watch as they continue to age up.

Because he randomized the Inquisitive trait as a toddler, I am giving Jason the Whiz Kid Aspiration.

I then brought the household into CAS to give both Jaxon and Jason Stylized Looks for all their outfits. I liked Jason’s hairstyle over Jaxon’s from what the game gave them this time around, so I changed Jaxon’s to match.

Since they were in their sleepwear as toddlers, the game put them in sleepwear when they aged up to childhood. When I went into CAS to work on Jason, I noticed the game gave him glasses but not Jaxon for his first everyday outfit. I thought to myself what a perfect way for readers to distinguish the 2 apart. Jason will wear glasses (except for sleepwear and swimwear) and Jaxon won’t.

At the beginning of the chapter, the screen shot of the twins hugging each other was captured having them doing it autonomously. I figured it would be fun to end the chapter with the twins hugging each other, so I forced it upon Jaxon and Jason to do some hugging. I’m sure eventually they’ll be doing it autonomously if they continue their friendship like they have been as toddlers.


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4 thoughts on “1.42: Jaxon And Jason Age Up”

  • Oh! They get big very fast.
    I love that both boys are cat lovers. Levi should definitely adopt a cat … or two. 😊

  • I see a cat or two in your future! LOL. Such beautiful kids. Also, I’m glad I read it was a PJ party. It was curious to me that Brent would be so casual around Levi’s house LOL. Also, Brent is beefy, he can go sans shirt if he so chooses! LOL

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