1.41: The Art Academy Club

It’s Friday in-game time. That means it’s another club meeting day. Tonight’s meeting is held at The Futures Past in Oasis Springs. I originally was going to have it at club members house’s only, but Levi keeps getting whims to visit a museum, so we’ll throw in a few meetings at museums as well.

As you can see there is a new club member; Rigel. There was enough perk points to add another member and Rigel fits perfectly having the Art Lover trait.

Also, Levi showed up in one of his hot weather outfits, so I am guessing so did everyone else. I ended up changing Levi back to his everyday outfit he was in before he left for the meeting. I’m in awe of these hot weather outfits, tho. Whether the creator made them or the game automatically chose an outfit, these are really nice. Levi’s was too casual for the meeting or I would have kept him in his. It didn’t fit the vibe of the others.

I had them all start admiring the paintings for perk points. This one fascinated me the most. It looks like a painting of what could be the old Oasis Springs.

As the night was coming to a close, Levi invited everyone for a drink at the museum bar. Yes, this museum had a bar. How cool is that? *laughing* The mixologist showed off her skills. This was also the time Levi tried to Get to Know his club members some more. Last couple times, he chatted a lot, but never really got to know them. And still nothing. Maybe with a group chat, it’s harder to Get to Know a sim and easier when chatting one-on-one.

It was coming on 10pm in-game time, so I was getting ready to have Levi end the club meeting for the night when I noticed this. Look who decided to crash the meeting! And she’s talking all about Painting to Hilda. “We all know why you’re really there, Tina! Stop stalking Levi now. He’s married with children. You need to let him go!”


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2 thoughts on “1.41: The Art Academy Club”

  • The Return of the Peeping Tina! Coming to a Sims Cineplex near you! LOL

    So cool to see Levi getting to make a ton of friend in his club–or at least trying to. He always has his bromance with Brent, though. Nothing better than a great bromance!

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