1.40: Summer Days

Summer still has to share a room with her 2 younger brothers even though she is now in the child stage of life. It’s not a big apartment and Levi changed one of the bedrooms to his workroom. Thus, the 3 will have to share a room through teenagedom.

This is her corner of the room. The dresser she received from achieving the gold status of her aging up party. Then I went into build/buy mode and found some clutter things to add on top of the dresser to spice it up a bit. The paintings on the walls you might recognize. These are paintings Levi made.

I really enjoy watching Levi paint, so it’s time to see what he can come up with. The morning before work, he has time to work on something. Because he is a Painter Extraordinaire, he can paint all types of emotional painting now and doesn’t have to be in a specific mood to do so.

Levi works on a Confident painting canvas. It seems like this is a superhero painting. “Yes Levi, you are a superhero!”

While Levi is finishing up his painting, Spica gets a call from Landgraab Elementary school. It’s Summer’s first day and the school is already calling? It seems there was a test happening. Who has a test on their first day of school? Well, it’s not everyone’s first day, so I guess it’s possible. The teacher caught Summer looking at another student’s test. Well, if you throw a test at her on her first day, I can see why she was glancing over at a classmate’s exam. Not very smart, but I get it. I think Spica would ask the teacher to allow her to retake the test without any other students around. I don’t think it was a mistake and I definitely wouldn’t fail her for it. Summer just needs to know it’s not okay to cheat off other people’s work.

That same day at dinner time, Summer had a question for her dad. She was kind of upset at recess time that day no one wanted to play with her. She was the new kid in school.  I don’t think the other kids purposely snubbed her. I believe Levi would tell her to approach the other kids and ask them if she could join in.

The next day before work, I wanted to see what a Sad painting would be like for Levi. As this will be his very first Sad painting, am curious what type of canvas it will be.

As he finishes it, it’s a bit confusing. Is it a dead flower? Or is it wilting? That’s what it looks like to me. Poor sad flower.

Everyday after school, Summer is required to do her homework. Her parents don’t make her do it, I do. *laughing* I want her to be an A student. She has the Good trait after all.

What I think is funny and adorable at the same time is that when Summer finished her homework, she’ll autonomously head over to the stereo and start dancing to music. Tonight, she shows her mom some of her dance moves.

At the end of the week, Summer is able to get her grades up to a B. “Way to go, Summer. I knew you could do it!” Look at her face. She’s even proud.


Levi’s Current Skills

Bowling – 1
Charisma – 6
Comedy – 3

Cooking – 10
Dancing – 1
Fitness – 3
Gardening – 1
Gourmet Cooking – 3
Handiness – 1
Logic – 1
Mischief – 3
Naturism – 2
Painting – 10
Parenting – 7

Persuasion – 1
Singing – 1
Vampire Lore – 2
Video Gaming – 4
Wellness – 1
Writing – 1

Levi’s Updated Relationship Profiles

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  • School is a confusing time for a sims kid. Especially when you get a test thrust into your life on day one! I would’ve cheated too! LOL

    Only a matter of time before she’s a teenager fending off teen boys or girls! LOL

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