1.38: Spica Ages Up

Now that Levi has achieved his dream Aspiration of becoming a Painter Extraordinaire, the timeline is moved forward for a good period. Levi has started working out to take off some of the belly fat that he made during his wife’s pregnancies. The whole family is eating healthier foods. As I want readers to see all of Levi’s paintings, he hasn’t done any paintings since. He hasn’t completely stopped, I just wanted to fast forward the game a little bit. However, he did receive a promotion to Composition Curator. All three toddlers are maxed leveled in their toddler skills.

Advancing time in The Sims 4
If you use the MC Command Center Mod and want to advance time in your game, you can select the mailbox, MC Cheats, and Change World Time. You can advance time up to 6 days at a time. Just a warning that you’ll need to sit and relax for time to catch up to itself if you advance it in days. I would pause the game to be safe. If your sim works, they will go to work but you won’t see it except in your notifications. Your sim may get text and phone messages. I recommend bypassing those if there are requests to do something. It could damage your game. I’m not sure. I bypassed all mine. Your sims moods will change as if they were doing these in the time you are advancing. It will be fun to watch, but have patience before you start playing the game again. Let time catch up with itself. You’ll know when by your notifications not displaying anything new after a minute or so and your screen stops popping up speech and thought bubbles on your sims.

So, I get a notification to throw Spica a rocking birthday party. I opened the calendar to see that she’s about 34 in-game days older than Levi. Not that it’s a bad thing. I just find it interesting.

I think I’m going to spend the day controlling Spica for her aging up. I don’t like calling it birthday because then they just have 6 birthdays (toddler, child, teenager, young adult, adult, and elder) total. That’s too weird for me to think about. Aging up sounds better.

The first guest to arrive was Spica’s sister, Rigel. It’s good to know that Spica’s sister is there for her. Ever since she asked Spica to visit her, she’s been more in the picture now. She’s even in The Art Academy club as well.

The other guests soon started to arrive promptly after Rigel. These are all sims she came into contact with while Levi was at work. You may recognize some of the original premade sims such as Luna Villareal, Jesminder Bheeda, and Miko Ojo in screen shots down below. There might be others, but these are some of the popular ones.

Levi did his best to Get to Know some of Spica’s acquaintances. She’s gotten to know some of his, so it’s only fair he reciprocates.

Even Brent showed up. Since the toddlers weren’t all that interested in an adult party, the 3 hung out in their bedroom. So Brent autonomously went into the toddlers bedroom along with  Luna.

What’s great is that when Brent arrived, the Charmer twin, Jaxon, decided to show Brent one of his toys. It was cute to watch.

It was then time for Spica to celebrate her aging up by Make a Wish and then blowing out the candles. I don’t know what she wished for, but hopefully it will come true. Only she and the game secretly know.

As you can see in the background, Levi and some of the other ladies he was chatting with finally decide to join Spica after she starts to blow out her candles. “You’re suppose to celebrate with her before that happens, Levi. I hope she doesn’t notice.” *laughing*

The friendly conversations and eating continued after the cake slices were taken by the guests. Too bad not everyone was able to get a piece. Levi made it.

Spica ended her party with a silver achievement, which gives the household some balloons. This will be nice to use for Summer’s aging up party which is coming up next. Oops. Spoiler alert. *laughing*


Levi’s Current Skills

Bowling – 1
Charisma – 6
Comedy – 2

Cooking – 10
Dancing – 1
Fitness – 3
Gardening – 1
Gourmet Cooking – 3
Handiness – 1
Logic – 1
Mischief – 3
Naturism – 2
Painting – 10
Parenting – 6

Persuasion – 1
Singing – 1
Vampire Lore – 2
Video Gaming – 4
Wellness – 1
Writing – 1

Levi’s New & Updated Relationship Profiles

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3 thoughts on “1.38: Spica Ages Up”

  • I didn’t know she was 34 days older than Levi. Happy birthday, Spica! 😀

    Also, I’ve never skipped time with MCCC. I’ve always worried that it would somehow mess up the game. TS4 is already so fragile naturally, I don’t want to do anything to accelerate the bugs!

  • Happy birthday, Spica! I didn’t realize Levi snagged himself an older woman. Either way, love this family! It’s cool that Spica’s sister is in her life again. I love the name Rigel. Actually Rigel is the name of a character of mine in Crescent Moon Conspiracy. Except my Rigel is a guy… and an alien. 😄

    Brent with the toddlers is adorable.

    BTW, Kaori is gorgeous. Is she a premade or an added Sim?

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