1.36: Surreal

It’s time for Levi to pick a style of painting to increase his odds on creating masterpieces. I’ve really liked his Surrealism paintings, so that is going to be his style. My only concern is that he’ll paint the same ones over again once there’s no new ones to paint. But crossing fingers that he’ll make his 2 other masterpieces before that happens.

This was so cute. As Levi had started his next small canvas painting before bed, Jason autonomously walks in the room and plops his butt down next to his dad. He takes out his Wabbit Tablet that is really for all the kids, but he plays with it the most. Then he begins chatting it up with Levi. This is the Inquisitive toddler. I would have figured Jaxon, the Charmer, would have been the one. I’m guessing Jason has lots of questions for his dad.

It looks like a house? It’s a very blurrish painting. But guess what? Levi just painted a masterpiece. That was easy. *laughing* One more to go.

It looks like Levi is asking Jason what he thinks of daddy’s masterpiece. And Jason is calling it garbage. *more laughing*

Family time before Levi has to head out for work in the morning. All this is autonomously done. I even have Levi selected and he went and started cleaning the mess on his own. But I actually know why. He has the Neat trait, so he’ll clean anything dirty on his own even if he’s selected.

While Levi cleaned up the mess, mom and daughter were having a playtime moment. Jaxon was admiring his dad’s paintings on the wall. They do have the childish feel to them, after all. And Jason continues to hoard the Wabbit Tablet all to himself. He’s in love with that thing.

Spica’s sister, Rigel Winter, called her and wanted to know if she wanted to stop by for a visit. I think it would be fun for readers to meet Spica’s sister. She’s never been mentioned in this gameplay except at the introduction of Spica with a quick glance of who she was living with before she got to know Levi.

This would be a fun time to bring the toddlers with and have Rigel meet her niece and nephews. But sadly I found out they could not go with. I didn’t want to quit and reload the game and then have something else happen besides Rigel calling. It’s no fun that way. The toddlers went off to daycare and Spica went to visit her sister.

So, I added households from the The Sims Gallery of friends I am following. This one particular household had 3 sims where at least 1 had the same trait as Levi. It turns out both Spica and Rigel had traits similar to his. And it seems Rigel is an Art Lover. So now I wonder if Rigel was there at the museum that day if Levi would have picked her out and they ended up together?!

And why hasn’t Levi met Rigel yet? They work in the same workplace. And they share two traits. And he’s married to her sister! He has got to meet his sister-in-law. They have a lot to talk about.

When Levi arrives home from his average day of work, he goes to his painting easel for another surrealism painting. This one will be a medium canvas. This one is a little confusing to me for a representation. At first I thought it was a desert with a small puddle. But then the shirt on a hanger thing formed in the painting and threw me off.


Levi’s Current Skills

Bowling – 1
Charisma – 4
Comedy – 2

Cooking – 10
Dancing – 1
Fitness – 2
Gardening – 1
Gourmet Cooking – 3
Handiness – 1
Logic – 1
Mischief – 2
Naturism – 2
Painting – 9
Parenting – 6

Persuasion – 1
Singing – 1
Vampire Lore – 2
Video Gaming – 4
Wellness – 1
Writing – 1

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