1.35: Conspiracy Theory

I did a little investigating on getting Levi to do some masterpieces. He’s still got a lot of time as Founder, but I want him to move smoothly in his passion and career. This way he can spend some quality time with his new family and keep up the pace of working.

I dug through Levi’s paintings inventory and checked out to see what masterpieces he already has created. I guess sims can have a type of style they paint. I really wasn’t aware of this until I did some online searching. It’s coded deep in the game. After checking, 2 masterpieces were Mood Paintings (Playful and Flirty). Then 2 others were Surrealism and Realism.

Levi paints another Surrealism canvas. I’m curious to see what he comes up with anyway. It’s a big tree with a very colorful background. And there are hearts on the tree. He liked painting a heart last time. Oh, and look! It’s a masterpiece. “Well done, Levi! Well done!” And he’s 54% to reaching level 10 in the Painting Skill.

The next morning, there was a thunderstorm outside. All 3 toddlers quickly went to the bathroom cause they were scared and sad from it. Summer cried it out. The twins had a major whim to Ask Spica for Food (From Being Sad). I guess going to mom is the safest route.

But little Summer proved me wrong. She then had Ask Levi for Food (From Being Sad). One of my readers said that Summer is daddy’s little girl because she had the Sad mood every time he went to work. I’m thinking maybe they were right.

Week 2 bills for the apartment arrive today. These ones are 1,321 simoleons. It doesn’t feel like Levi’s been living in the apartment for 14 in-game days already. It also fascinates me that they fill the apartment mailbox with so much junk compared to residential mailboxes.

The next day as Levi is off at work getting his promotion, I get to watch the family. It really is a blessing to watch the household do their own thing autonomously rather than control them and make them do my bidding. Sometimes it’s better to just let the sims control their own lives.

Spica would feed the toddlers when they got hungry. She would help the boys use the toilet. Summer has reached level 3 in Potty skill, which is the max. So, she doesn’t need help anymore. The toddlers would work on all their other skills as well on their own.

Summer has maxed out Communication, Imagination, and Potty. Thinking is at level 4. Movement is level 3. She likes to be picked up a lot by Levi and Spica.

Jaxon and Jason are both almost maxed out on Potty. I wanted to make sure Potty skills for all toddlers were the main skill to master. Jaxon is at level 3 with Communication and Imagination. Movement and Thinking are at level 2 for him. Looking at Jason, he is the exact same numbers as his brother. That’s kind of funny. All the skills but Potty were done autonomously with the twins. What I am most proud of with the twins is that their friendship is growing. They are at the stage of being Good Friends with each other.

Levi arrives home with that promotion I knew he’d get. Look at that expression. He may be tense, but he’s also joyful. Levi received some good bonuses as well.

One bonus Levi received was a Pre-Owned Painter’s Easel. I’m assuming this will help with his paintings? It matches the rest of his decor in his paint room.

One of Levi’s masterpieces in the past was a Realism painting, so he’s going to try another one of those. His large paintings seem to pack a punch, so he’s going to paint a large realism canvas. This one ends up being the female anatomy again. Very detailed work, but not a masterpiece.

Testing things out, Levi is going to paint another Surrealism painting like he did a couple in-game days ago and got a masterpiece from it. This one will be a small one. But it doesn’t end up being a masterpiece.

One more idea. We need a mood painting. So, Levi gets himself into a Playful mood so he can paint a canvas based on that mood. I think the painting is fun with the colors, but again it was not a masterpiece. Perhaps my theory failed me.

Levi will keep trying. He only needs 2 more masterpieces. He’s also over 80% to level 10 in the Painting Skill.

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  • I love this bathroom in the apartment. I gave Lizzie and Joseph’s apartment a makeover many times, but couldn’t bring myself to redo this bathroom. There’s something really unique about it. Poor kids with the thunderstorms.

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