1.32: The Lottery

And there’s going to be another nooboo in the Hayward family. It has to stay interesting, you know. Plus I want Summer to have a baby brother or sister. Not really caring at this point what the gender will be. I ultimately wanted Levi and Spica to have 2 children.

Spica couldn’t sleep when she found out she was Eating For Two! I told myself I would wait it out after the woohoo for the next 24 hours to find out, but I couldn’t. Especially since with Summer, the notification never came except when I saw it pop up in Spica’s moods bar. So I sent her to the bathroom to check. After, she autonomously went to the kitchen and grabbed food.

Levi wakes up the next day bright and early. I don’t think he knows yet he’s going to be a dad to a second child. Spica never woke him up to tell him.

Today is The Lottery day. I’ve never played the lottery in-game or in real life. Again, I am using this gameplay to take full advantage of all the fun stuff I’ve missed out in the past because of story writing.

Levi’s already a winner in my book with a best friend in Brent, a beautiful wife with Spica, and an adorable child with Summer. But maybe Levi can make some simoleons as well. A ticket costs 100 simoleons. Let’s hope it pays off. Each Sim can only buy 1 ticket, and it’s tempting to have Spica also buy a ticket.

Levi also gets to work on Summer’s toddler skills. One in particular is the potty training. You see, he just found out that Spica is pregnant again. She ran straight to the bathroom as he was potty training little Summer and she vomited in the toilet. She couldn’t hold it in anymore. So if Levi didn’t know already, he knows now. Now, he’ll be back to changing baby diapers real soon. Little Summer will need to know how to go potty herself so he doesn’t have to change her as well.

After Levi left for work, Summer became Sad from him leaving and went to go play with her doll house. Autonomously, Spica also went to go play dolls with Summer. Spica is such a good mother on her own without being controlled.

I’m tempted to just play Levi in helping Summer get her skills up rather than controlling Spica and Summer. I am really having more fun watching them do things autonomously. All I need to do is just make sure Levi is selected as the main household member being controlled and the rest of the household does their own thing.

When Levi came home from work, I had Spica get herself a lottery ticket as well. That’s 200 simoleons spent. Here’s to hoping I can make that back plus some.

Before it’s spend the night with the daughter time, Levi works on a small surrealism painting. It turns out to be a heart shape with something inside I can’t tell. He decided not to paint a woman this time, I guess. No animals as well.

I forgot that there was mail that arrived while Levi was at work, so he goes to check out what he got.

Well, I knew a package was coming for Summer. When she became a toddler, there was a notification from Spica’s sister. She was giving a gift to her new niece. The notification said it would be in the mail soon. I’m curious to see what Spica’s sister got her niece. It ends up being a Chompy the Monsta toy. That was a nice gift.

Levi also had an unexpected visitor. Brent stopped by to check up on his best friend and family.

Levi takes Brent to meet toddler Summer. Oh, look. Summer has decided to decorate her floor. How nice of her. Levi is doing good at laughing it off in front of his best friend. Such an awkward situation.

As it was getting late, Levi puts Summer to bed and also says goodbye to Brent. However, as Levi follows Brent out, the noise across the apartment gets really loud and guess who gets out of bed? Yes, Summer. So Levi has to go across the hall and pound on the door for this guy, Salim, to keep it down. The life of living in apartments.

2:00 in the morning and The Lottery ended. I didn’t see any increase in the household funds, so I guess it was a bust. Has any of my readers have a sim win the lottery on The Lottery?

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6 thoughts on “1.32: The Lottery”

    • Oh, man. I’m going to laugh if he wins something then. Guess I’ll have to make a special note on the next chapter if he and/or Spica won something.

  • I’ve never won the lottery, but I’ve seen a cat win before. xD
    Also in my current legacy game, someone that was actually part of the story won instead of some random townie. xD

  • Oooh…another nooboo on the way! Woot! Levi has been..uh..busy! Spica is so wonderful with Summer. It’s so nice that she does things autonomously with her. But I think Summer is Daddy’s girl if she is missing him. I’ve played the lottery on occasion but never won anything. It gives the results in the morning, and usually, it’s some homeless to.wnie who wins

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