1.30: First Day Of Summer

Normally I try and hide the plumbob over a Sims head when screen capturing. If I can’t, I turn it off for the screen grab and then turn it back on. I like to show off speech and thought bubbles if I can. For this one, I have the plumbob in because I really wanted to show off Spica’s thought bubble.

Before Levi headed off to work, he was having breakfast while his wife was sitting on the couch watching a romance tv show. The thought bubble of a mirror appeared as if she’s wondering if she still looks beautiful with a large baby bump. “Spica, you’re looking hotter than ever right now! Even your hubby is getting a bump. Not a cute baby bump like yours, though.”

At work, Levi had a review he was writing about a specific exhibition when the curator tells him that he’d be happy to show off Levi’s work for a good review. I don’t see Levi playing that as he is a true art lover and not fake. And the curator might just be surprised that Levi could actually like the exhibition and didn’t need to be bribed. But it turns out…

The exhibition was horribly organized, with strange curatorial choices. Good thing Levi didn’t take the bribe!

After a generally good day at work, Levi checked up on Spica and their soon to be born baby. She’s in her 3rd trimester now. It sure looks like a big baby being held in that tummy.

Levi and Spica spent the rest of their day working on Needs and whims. Because she’s in her 3rd trimester, the baby can arrive whenever it decides to now. It’s become a waiting game at this point.

The next day around 5 in the morning, it was go time. Spica woke up in labor. “Get up Levi, it’s time!”

Levi and Spica had time to get dressed before heading to the hospital. He decides to panic after they make it there. We all know this is the typical reaction to the significant other or the one tagging along to the hospital with the one pregnant, but it’s still humorous in the end.

“The Doctor is right there, Levi. Calm down! You’re not helping your wife any. Look how sad she is.”

Levi does the appropriate thing next and checks in at the front desk. Finally, he calms his nerves.

Spica followed behind. She wanted to play a video game, so I had to cancel that. I’m going to laugh if the traits this child gets have to do with gaming.

I tried to get Levi into the delivery room with Spica and the Doctor, but he wasn’t having any of it. The footsteps action just hung there while the delivery was being performed. “Shame on you, Levi. You should be there for Spica! It might be scary and not pleasing to the eye, but that’s your wife and child in there!”

It’s a girl! Clicking the dice, the name Summer popped up. What a nice name for a baby girl, Summer Hayward. But something struck me odd.

I noticed something when Levi and Spica first arrived at the hospital. The seasons changed. It was no longer Spring season. And do we all remember Spica’s maiden name? It’s another season. It’s pretty cool, yet creepy at the same time.

Levi never made it to the delivery room before being transported back home. At least he was able to hold his daughter for the first time there.


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