1.29: Night On The Town

Levi ended up tired when he got home from work, so he went straight to bed. I only got him up now and then so he could get his Needs in order.

He was well fresh when he woke up the next morning. Since he didn’t get to paint last night, he went to work on at least one painting this morning so he has some percentage done for work. He’s close to another promotion.

Since Levi was in a Flirty mood, he went to paint a flirty canvas painting. Spica even showed up autonomously to see what he was painting. How romantic. And it’s a couple in a row boat.

I think my game glitches somewhere with the notification wall. I never got an Eating for Two notification, but I saw a pacifier in her moods area and it said Eating for Two (From Trying for Baby) while she really was eating.

I changed camera angles and look, there’s a little bump. A little baby boy or girl. She must have found out as soon as she grabbed the leftovers from the fridge. It kind of also makes me wonder if she knew this was coming when Spica visited Levi during his painting time.

Levi got that promotion and he needed to decide what direction to take in his career. Does he go Master of the Real or Patron of the Arts? I decided to have him go Patron of the Arts because he is an Art Lover trait.

Look at Levi’s happy face about his promotion. Wait until he finds out about the other exciting news he’s about to receive.

I don’t think Levi took it well when Spica shared the deep secret. “It’s not much a of a secret, Spica. You’re showing!” Look at poor Levi’s facial expression. *laughing*

Levi does show his support in the end. I’m guessing Spica caught him off guard with this news after he just had some good news from work.

The next morning, Levi made pancakes for his wife and newborn to be. Not exactly sure why, but he decided to make them in the buff. Spica is trying hard to concentrate on the pancakes and not Levi.

Since Levi had the day off, he spent time filling his Needs again along with Spica. They did some autonomous romance flirting in between. It was cute to watch.

Since it’s Friday in-game, it’s club meeting day. Levi invites everyone over to the apartment. Essie was the first to arrive. She took to liking Levi’s little workspace and really enjoyed the sketches he did.

Levi gave the club members a grand tour of the apartment showing off all his artwork he had put up on the walls. Basically I forced them to admire a lot of the paintings for perk points. Afterwards, they hung out in the living room and talked.

When the club members dispersed, it was time to take Levi and Spica to a Night on the Town. I mean, it’s free food and drinks…what more could one ask for? Especially a sim. And with Spica eating for two, I can have her stuff herself silly.

The two find a table and converse while they eat. I’m going to pretend they’re coming up with baby names because it’s going to be a surprise for me also, as it’ll be auto-generated. I won’t pick the name.

“Does this bring back memories of the Spice Festival, Levi?” *laughing*


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5 thoughts on “1.29: Night On The Town”

  • A nooboo – boy, girl, twins, triplets…hehehe and Levi is surprised at this news? lol In one pic, it almost looks like Levi has a bit of a baby bump, too. lol I laughed when I saw Spica have the thought of pancakes. That’s it…all she thinks about is food, now! lol

    • He’s showing his support by getting a little bump himself. 😀

      As for the pancakes, I think she needed to distract herself. Her hubby is standing a few feet away in front of her, nekkid. 😛

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