1.28: City Living

Now that Levi and Spica are newlyweds, they wanted a place of their own. The cottage is too small for the both of them and I didn’t feel right having Levi move in with Spica’s family. I was tempted to place them in a bigger home, but then I got to thinking about the City Living pack. I never got to immerse myself into it, so I thought this would be the best opportunity to do so.

With 22,500 simoleons saved between the two (Spica received 1/3 of the household funds from the house she was living in) I went apartment hunting in San Myshuno with the two. The Arts Quarter made the most sense for Levi. From that, the only one Levi and Spica could afford was 930 Medina Studios. Furnished it was 16,560 simoleons with a 1,000 simoleons deposit and 1,200 simoleons a week. I prefer furnished housing because I am not good at interior, or exterior, design. This is a 3 bedroom, 1 bath. Levi can turn one of the bedrooms into his art studio.

This leaves Levi and Spica with 4,940 simoleons. Now they are on a tight budget for awhile. Luckily one of the apartment traits is Penny Pixies. Hopefully this brings in small amounts of simoleons here and there to help. Worse case scenario, Levi can sell some of his paintings for profit.

With the big day behind them and a new adventure starting together now ahead of them, Levi and Spica get some rest. They need some cuddle time by themselves, anyway.

This gives me the time to remodel their apartment. Levi has quite a bit of work related promotion items he received and now the two have some wedding gifts they can put around the apartment. Plus, Levi’s paintings get to be used now and shown off.

The next morning when the lovebirds woke up, I had done some touch-ups to their apartment. I took out the stuff in the smallest bedroom and turned it into Levi’s workspace. You can get a quick glimpse next time he goes to paint.

The biggest and most fun was adding a lot of Levi’s paintings around the apartment. There’s still quite a bit in his inventory after placing a lot of his paintings already. I let the two sleep in until some of their Needs were getting close to orange. They were tired! Levi and Spica wake up with one of his paintings above their headboard. Remember this painting Levi did of a man and woman holding hands in the rain? Do you recall the wedding ceremony? It was raining! It’s as if Levi had a premonition and painted what he saw. I had to put this painting of his up.

Levi and Spica had lunch together for the first time since their dinner date. They syncronize eat. How romantic. *laughing*

Talking with the creator of Spica, they said that Spica Winter from her SimLit was born and raised at the end of the Victorian era. On the Gallery, the creator removed all the custom content and put Spica in generic clothes, but the main outfit looked a bit Victorian, so I kept that and changed the colors for additional outfits since seeing her in the same thing over and over can be a bit of a drag and boring.

There was a visitor at the apartment door, so Levi went to go answer it. It was their neighbor across the hall. I think he smelled the BLTs that Levi made. He’ll greet his new neighbor, but we’re not comfortable yet letting some stranger into their apartment and feeding them.

His name is Salim. Levi tried to Get to Know him, but Salim wasn’t giving any information. I don’t think he wanted to share. He was just hungry and wanted whatever Levi and Spica were having.

The apartment came with a lot of things, including a computer. That’s probably why it cost so much furnished. When Levi came back from talking to Salim, his wife was at the computer playing video games that was in the second bedroom. She wasn’t playing Levi’s favorite, Blicblock however. This game is called Simscuffle. It looks violent to me.

This is what Levi gets for going back into his apartment and not locking the door. Neighbors just walking in and helping themselves to whatever is there. “Lock your doors, Levi! Did you not learn anything from the cottage? What if this was that peeping sim?”

Spica to the rescue. She approaches Salim and Ask to Leave on her own. He took the food with him. Is that normal? “Good! Clean your own dishes, Salim!” Locking door now for these two newlyweds.

This is Levi’s small art room where he can paint in peace and quiet. I like the storage unit where it looks like he stores all his paintings. Too bad one cannot actually do that. That would have been neat to be an inventory for painted canvases.

Levi gets to work on a small pop art painting. Spica is taking care of herself autonomously during this time. It’s nice she does her own whims and watched her  own Needs to be taken care of. Less trouble for me as I keep an eye on the Founder. Is it a bunny? Is it a yin-yang sign?

Levi has 3,110 Satisfaction Points, so I give him my wedding gift. I buy him Creative Visionary where he has a high chance of painting masterworks. This costs 2,000 Satisfaction Points, which leaves him with plenty more.

During the evening hours, Levi invites his best friend over. He has a whim to Give Apartment Key and who else to have one is Brent. Levi trusts Brent. He doesn’t trust Salim. I do enjoy Brent’s reaction. “You’re his bestie, Brent. You deserve a key.”

All the while Levi is at work, Spica can work on her Aspiration, Friend of the World. She has done some of her first Milestone already. She just needs to introduce herself to 8 more sims. She completes her first part of the Milestone as Levi arrives home from work.


Levi’s Current Skills

Bowling – 1
Charisma – 4
Comedy – 1

Cooking – 10
Dancing – 1
Fitness – 1
Gardening – 1
Gourmet Cooking – 3
Handiness – 1
Logic – 1
Mischief – 2
Naturism – 2
Painting – 8
Persuasion – 1
Singing – 1
Vampire Lore – 2
Video Gaming – 4
Wellness – 1
Writing – 1

Levi’s New Relationship Profiles

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3 thoughts on “1.28: City Living”

  • I forgot to comment on the wedding in the rain. Did you know that if you get married and it is raining, it is supposed to be lucky? Some superstition I read somewhere. Do you have the Nifty Knitting pack? Have you tried to sell any paintings on plopsy to see if they might be worth more than just selling on the art board. Of course, if they had a house, he could have a yard sale and sell paintings with a 300% markup on that garage sale art board. Anyway, I haven’t sold anything through plopsy, so didn’t know if you had. Cute apartment, and got a chuckle out of Salim just helping himself to the food…and leaving with it, too.

  • Fun to see the same apartment that Liz/Joe shared and raised the triplets in (just the vanilla version).

    Synchronized eating always makes me laugh in TS4.

    Awww… perfect place for that painting of couple in the rain.

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