1.27: Generation 1 Wedding of Levi & Spica

For The Sims game and their screen capped images, a picture can paint 1000 words. Therefore, for Levi and Spica’s wedding, I’d like to do that for you the reader. This chapter will be mainly images of the wedding with some text before (what you are reading now) and some text at the end.

Thank you for being a guest to Levi and Spica’s wedding!


~*~*~* THE CEREMONY *~*~*~


~*~*~* THE RECEPTION *~*~*~


At the conclusion of the reception and timed event, Levi and Spica are announced a married couple. They received their in-game rewards for gold status of the wedding event.

The wedding ceremony spot, Wedding Garden, was created by GardenRecluse. I checked the Lots and Rooms from those I follow and none had a wedding spot to hold the ceremony that fit the happy couple. I then looked up Maxis Curated from the Gallery and this jumped out at me. It was perfect.

I found a nice room called LH Wedding Chall2 from one I Follow, SoulGal7. I’ve already had a sim and lot from her in previous chapters. I really enjoy the work she did in this room for a reception. I went ahead and did some changes, such as taking out the mannequins. I think it was the perfect reception room for Levi and Spica after the ceremony.

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7 thoughts on “1.27: Generation 1 Wedding of Levi & Spica”

  • A beautiful ceremony. Now, it’s only a matter of time before an heir is born!!! And then a spare. And maybe twins!!! Unless TS4 decides to put triplets into your life. LOL

    Congratulations to Levi and Spica! WOOT!

  • What a beautiful wedding. That dress that Spica has on is lovely. Probably cc. And thank you so much for using a room I designed for a room challenge. I was thinking just this morning that I should build something again! lol But I am a terribly slow builder. And what is Brandi doing while Levi and Spica are kissing on the dance floor? Could she get any closer to them? Geez! A really lovely chapter and congrats to Levi and Spica! They were meant to be!

    • Actually, the dress isn’t cc. It came with the original game. No expansion, game, or stuff pack needed. 🙂

  • Woah. This is beautiful. The lots are too. Great choice! Spica looks lovely. I really like her accessories, her bow in the back and the.. mesh? Veil? Makes her look so classy. Levi must’ve been enamored 🙂

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