1.25: Love Day

It’s Love Day in-game. This is the equivalent to Valentine’s Day. A day of romance. Levi is an Art Lover, Neat, and Good. Let’s see how his non trait of Romance holds up for him.

Levi was suppose to work today, but because it was Love Day, he wanted to plan a whole day of events with his girlfriend, Spica. Hopefully she hasn’t found a job between their last date and today. Since Levi has 5 vacation days, he’s going to use one of them right now. Getting on the phone 2 hours before work should be suffice time for them to know he’s taking a day off. I also don’t want Levi getting tired on his date, so Aspiration Points are going to be used to make sure he’s fully awake with a Sleep Replacement for 400 points. This leaves him with 2,275 points left. He won’t drink it until he needs to so it doesn’t go to waste.

It’s a gloomy day in Newcrest, but hopefully not the town, or World as the game puts it, where Levi plans on taking Spica. He calls her up to come over and to make sure her whole day is free and to dress casual for now. However, I think Spica only has one outfit. That’s okay. When she arrives, he plants a kiss on her cheek and wishes her Happy Love Day!

I was going to turn this chapter into a timed date event as well, but with the plans I wanted to put in motion, it would not work. This is still a date, but not a timed date event like you would normally see with objectives.

Levi and Spica head to Oasis Springs where he takes her to the Hammam Spa Onsen Bathhouse. The morning and afternoon will be a day of pampering for her. Him as well. But because he is taking her out, it’s mainly for her.

When evening comes, Levi does have more plans for Spica. I hope she’s ready for it.

Hammam Spa is created by orenjiAi15. I met him on the Sims Forums when he posted one of his SimLit stories. From there, he shared that he loved to use the Build and has created a bunch of nice Lots for anyone to download and use in their game.

Levi and Spica check in at the front desk.

Again, this Legacy is a gameplay and not really a story mode type legacy. But for this chapter alone (and maybe another chapter in the future), I am going to make it a story tale for Love Day.

Before their massage treatment, Levi and Spica need to take a shower first that are provided by the Spa. Spica is not shy of her body. She went full on birthday suit when they took a shower. Levi wore shorts.

Because these are public showers, I was assuming some type of undergarment would be worn, as Levi demonstrated. I’m leaving this to the unnamed Mod doing its work. I took some camera movement as to not get any frontal shots of Spica. I also did best as I could to also cover as much of her bottom as I could. I apologize in advance if any reader finds it a bit degrading.

Then it was time to get a massage. But Levi asked if he could get one first and then shown what was done. So, the massage therapist did as requested. First she gave Levi a massage and then gave a small class on how to give the massage she did.

Levi wanted to give Spica a massage himself. So now it was her turn. Except instead of a massage therapist doing it, Levi will give her one. Isn’t he romantic? I just hope he does it like he was taught.

In the end, Levi did not disappoint. Spica made some romantic moves autonomously on Levi. It was really fun to watch her flirt with him and I just sat back and watched.

As the in-game clock is ticking, they went to another room so Levi could offer Spica a hand and foot massage. This gal here is getting pampered to the max.

The game is really weird. There were massage chairs in the same room as the tables, but the two decided to move to a different room for the hand and foot massages. Maybe they just wanted a change of scenery. This room looks more beautiful than the other. I like the gold colored walls in this one.

They finish off the afternoon portion in the sauna with more romantic gestures and a little teasing fun. It’s really great to watch two Sims autonomously work their magic. I’m excited these two are hitting it off so well. But Love Day isn’t over yet. Levi still has something else planned for the evening.

Levi asks Spica to dress up for tonight’s portion of Love Day. He does hint that they are not going out to eat for dinner, so make sure to eat something first. There could be light snacks provided, but there won’t be any meals. This is also a hint to the readers.

As evening now arrives, Spica meets Levi at his place once again. Don’t these two look hawt? She even offers “him” a rose instead of the other way around. And she did this autonomously as you can see I am not controlling her. “I love you myself, Spica! You are just as much good to Levi as he is to you. I hope you like what he has planned tonight!”

I got to take a peek at what the creator of Spica had for her formal wear. MC Command Center Mod is great for many things. One of them is to look at the Dresser of non played characters (NPCs). And you can also dress the NPCs without having to control them. This way I could pick out a nice suit for Levi to kind of go with to what Spica was going to wear.

Also, remember the Sleep Replacement potion I bought at the beginning of the chapter? Levi ended up using it as he was tired after all that morning to mid afternoon pampering.

It was Levi’s turn to give Spica something. “Surprise! He has a rose for you as well, Spica!” Now it’s the timed Ask on Date… to begin.

Levi takes Spica to the Deadgrass Discoveries Museum in Brindleton Bay. One might ask why he would take her to a museum on a hot date for Love Day? Yes, he’s an Art Lover and he does paint, but…

In chapter 1.12: Winter In Springtime, this is where Levi and Spica met. This is where he found out she had the Good trait just like he did. They were both good people. Little did they know at the time that they were good for each other. They chatted at the museum and became friends.

Because they were friends, Levi wanted to get to know Spica even a little more and invited her out for coffee. Not really a date, but a casual get together. This is when Spica knew she had true feelings for Levi and told him by phone in hopes he felt the same way. And he did.

Levi wanted to make the next move, so he asked her out on a dinner date. Things heated up between the two autonomously and Levi knew Spica was the one for him. He wanted to test the waters with others he had met previously, but not anymore. Spica was the one.

Levi then asked Spica out on a second date to go bowling. She showed her mad skills by getting strikes most of the night. Poor Levi would only get gutter balls. We don’t know if he did it on purpose or if he truly is a bad bowler. Before the night was over, Levi asked Spica to be his girlfriend and she accepted willingly.

Levi took Spica to one of the red love seats and sat down with her. They talked and flirted for a good 2 hours in-game time. Levi easily succeeded in reaching his Date goal. I had no doubt about that what-so-ever.

But Levi didn’t just bring Spica to the Deadgrass Discoveries museum to reminisce about their lives and how the museum brought them together.

Levi had a very specific question to ask Spica.

Words are not needed to know the answer Spica had for Levi.

Levi’s Updated Relationship Profiles

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