1.24: Graphics Interchange Format

The last chapter, I forgot to add Levi’s Current Skills. I didn’t want to go back and edit the chapter, so I’ll update his skills for your viewing pleasure at the end of this chapter for sure. I think the only improved skill was his painting. There could have been another, but I am not sure offhand.

With the day Levi was having, he was happy that his best friend, Brent, texted him and asked if Levi wanted to go over to his house and hang out. This might be just what he needs.

When he arrived at Brent’s place, Rosie was out there to meet him as well as Brent. Levi and Brent talked for awhile before it started to rain and they went indoors. Rosie was already there. I don’t think she likes the rain.

Since Levi needs some Fun in his life, he goes to play with Rosie. Brent didn’t seem to mind. The Fun meter started to turn from orange to yellow to green. Yay for Brent asking Levi to come over. Levi learns that Rosie has the Glutton trait, so it’s only fitting to give her a treat after all that playing. Levi and Rosie end up becoming friends. How cute.

Before bed, Levi wanted to paint something. He went ahead and started his second small realism painting.

It looks like a beach scene. “I bet you wish you were at a beach right now, right Levi?” I like the black silhouettes of the people.

As Levi is preparing to wake up, I noticed a pink bar where his moods are. I was curious to see why he was Flirty. Was he having special dreams? *laughing hard* So, I already knew what the next day was going to be, and it seems Levi did too. And yes, he does have something special planned.

When he did get up and the Confident bar disappeared, all he had was the Flirty mood. He immediately got a major whim to Start a Flirty Painting (From Being Flirty). I guess Levi will paint a flirty canvas. Cannot wait to see what he paints for this. During his painting, the power goes out again for Power Conservation Day. This is becoming annoying even though it’s only the second time it happened. But, it’s part of the game, so will have to deal with it. I’m not going to cheat it away.

“Is that you and Spica standing in a rain puddle, Levi?” I see they’re holding hands, too. How romantic. This painting becomes a masterpiece painting of Levi’s. 1 down, 4 to go. Sadly, he’s only at 18% to his next painting level.

My only main goal for Levi’s generation is to have him complete his Aspiration to become a full pledged Painter Extraordinaire. The generation doesn’t end if he completes it, though. And if he never completes it on my watch, oh well. But with a long lifespan, I’m hoping I can see it happen.

Levi doesn’t work today, so he’s going to work on a couple more paintings. Increase his painting level just a bit more. Since he doesn’t work and tomorrow is going to be a special day with different plans, Levi is moving the weekly The Art Academy club meeting to tonight. Hopefully everyone will be able to attend.

Another Confident Painting coming up. I think mood paintings will be his best chance of getting masterpiece quality paintings. You remember that kitty laying down painting? It was that. Not going to show you a painting Levi already did once before. “Levi, you painted this already. Did you forget? You kept the other one, so let’s sell this one for simoleons.” Unfortunately, not a masterpiece.

Let’s try a small abstract painting for Levi. This one turns out to be very colorful. I like it. Would brighten a lot of Sims days.

As it’s not evening yet, another painting in the making. This time a small classic one. Is that a teapot or just  a jar? I can’t tell.

Let’s get a bigger painting done. Levi works on a figure painting next. Hopefully this will take a little longer. He needs evening hours to arrive so he can call the club meeting to order.

As he was designing, Levi received a phone call. It was from Brent. Has to stop working and answer that. Brent wants to know if Levi pronounces GIF with a G or J. “Seriously, Brent? It’s Graphics Interchange Format, not Jelly!” *laughing* G it is! Oh, and this could determine their friendship? Really? One pronunciation could ruin it? Good grief. Cannot wait to find out how Brent pronounces it.

No, that’s wrong! I don’t even know who you are anymore.

“You working in a painter career, we can say the same thing, Brent!” They’re relationship took a minor loss. Still best friends and lots of green in the relationship bar. Brent will get over it.

Simple, yet sophisticated. I like it.

One more painting! That abstract painting was pretty cool. Let’s see what Levi does for a medium sized canvas.

Still no masterpiece quality, but very nice. I like the contrast of the background with the yellow circles and lines in the forefront.

So, it seems that whomever call the club meeting to order, it will be at their place if club meetings are held at club members houses only. When everyone arrived, the group headed over to Brant’s place.

Another chuckling moment. When the club members arrived at Brant’s place, Brent quickly left out the back door. I guess he didn’t want to be around all these people or he’s still mad at Levi about the GIF thing.

Everyone gathered around the art pieces created by Brent. These are part of Brant’s favorite collection of his hubby’s. The club admired each of the wall hangings to gather club perk points.

Then it was mingling time. This meant I let them autonomously do whatever they wanted and controlled Levi to socialize more with the club members. I tried the Get to Know on all the members he doesn’t know all 3 traits. But nothing. All Levi would do was chat about everything else. It’s nice he’s talking to them, but I’d like him to get to know more about them on a personal level.

Brandi got bored and started watching tv and Rosie chasing her own tail.

Essie went into the kitchen because something was smelling good in there. She ends up admiring the paintings on the wall. “I think Brent wants to be by himself, Essie. Look at his sad face!”

I didn’t know Brant paints. Now I’m curious what other paintings in the house are his versus those that are Brent’s. The one Brant is painting looks very nice so far.


Levi’s Current Skills

Bowling – 1
Charisma – 3
Comedy – 1

Cooking – 7
Fitness – 1
Gardening – 1
Gourmet Cooking – 3
Handiness – 1
Logic – 1
Mischief – 2
Naturism – 2
Painting – 8
Persuasion – 1
Singing – 1
Vampire Lore – 2
Video Gaming – 4

Levi’s Updated Relationship Profiles

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7 thoughts on “1.24: Graphics Interchange Format”

  • Nice to see a sim that has a life and enjoys it to the fullest. At least I assume so. Aspirations are, sometimes, easy to complete. On normal lifespan I can get any sims to complete the BodyBuilder aspiration before they reach Adult stage, so Levi shouldn’t have any issues completing Painter Extraordinaire before too long.

    And Lourve Day is tomorrow? I wonder what surprise he’ll have for Spica.

  • I don’t know how I never knew what GIF stands for until now. Makes so much sense.

    Wow… their friendship hangs on the pronunciation of GIF? Haha. When Brent went out the back door after Levi showed up, I laughed way too hard. 🤣 I’ve pronounced it both ways until someone told me otherwise.

    • Brent’s a big boy. I am sure he’ll get over it. 😛 But I laughed out loud literally as well when I “saw” him leave when the club members showed up. And he had a sad face when he came back in.

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