1.23: Level Up

Levi wakes up bright and early the next morning after his date with Spica. He now has a girlfriend. Those who play The Sims, knows that time moves much quicker in the sims world versus the real world. And not just the clock and seasons that I am talking about. It also happens with relationships. Expect to see things move quickly here in the relationship, if you know what I mean. But we’ll get to that in an upcoming chapter.

For now, Levi wants to paint some more, so he’s going to go with a small impressionism painting. Aww, it’s a dog and cat wearing hats. How cute. “Is that the animal version of you and Spica, Levi?” Another excellent quality painting. He only has 3 more to go to complete the current part of his Aspiration.

When Levi finished work, his facial expression was as if he could have had a better day. His work performance was in the Good stage. Not bad. I think work promotions are going to get harder the higher up the ladder he goes. He just needs to keep plugging away at it.

Levi has a whim to Level up in Painting Skill (From Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration). He is going to spend the rest of his day painting unless he happens to get a text or phone call from a friend, girl or best, that needs his attention.

He hasn’t created a large pop art painting yet, so Levi gets painting on the canvas to create one of those. “A can of dog food on top of a can of cat food? Really, Levi?” Have you noticed his last few paintings have been animal related? Is this a phase he’s going through like when he was obsessed about vampire stuff? I’m glad he is over that, to be honest.

Levi also has not created a large surreal painting. He’s created a small, medium, and large painting of all the other types he can paint. So after painting the large surreal painting, he’ll start over on created all types. This will also include reference, figure, and landscape paintings which he has done as well already.

Did he just create a cowplant painting? And I still consider it an animal type. *laughing* Levi received a notification this was a masterpiece painting. He’s done a few of these already. I believe he’ll need to paint masterpieces in his last portion of his Aspiration. “Keep it up, Levi.”

Levi is so close to leveling up. Hopefully this next painting will do it. I really cannot wait until he reaches level 10. His paintings will probably be perfections.

There’s an option for a Confident Painting, so I think he’ll be going with that this time. Are any of my readers in shock that it’s another animal painting? It’s very cute, though. A cute kitty laying down.

This also completes Levi’s Aspiration Milestone. He has one more to go. He has to reach level 10 in painting and paint 5 master quality paintings. I bet his best friend, Brent, would be proud of him right now. Levi also reached level 8 in his Painting Skill with this one. Just as he wanted.

The next morning, Levi is feeling so inspired, he makes and eats breakfast in the buff. “Are you forgetting there’s a peeping sim who hangs around outside, Levi?” Luckily she wasn’t around.

This still cracks me up. He went to take a shower and then after, Levi stayed in the nude and went to have breakfast. I hope he doesn’t go to work like that. Unless he’s going to be the model for the day. But clothes should be worn before you actually get there.

Thank goodness Levi put clothes on before walking out the door. It’s windy outside this morning according the weather shown at the bottom.

But after he washed his bowl and turned his back on the sink, guess what? Levi’s sink broke a second time. I feel like I would be cheating to fix this myself, so it’s going to flood until he gets home after work. Levi has the Neat trait, so he’s going to be very very uncomfortable when he walks into this mess.

At work, a co-worker engages a heated discussion with Levi. I have to choose if Levi should take a stance about art theory or walk away and ignore this co-worker. Since Levi is an Art Lover, he’s going to take on this heated discussion.

Levi goes head-to-head with the abstract artist, in front of everyone in the painters’ group, and comes out sounding old fashioned and out of it.

Levi took a hit in his performance and became tense for 8 hours because of it. “Sorry, Levi. I do agree with whatever your argument was. I’ll always stick behind you bud!”

When he arrived home from work tense from his argument and for lack of Fun in his life right now, finding the broken sink and water everywhere just added to his negativity. He did fix the sink.

Someone calls Levi. It’s from an unknown number but he answers it anyway. Levi already had one call about giving simoleons to help start a business. Now this one is telling he has a lucky number for the next 24 hours. But this caller isn’t identifying themselves. So, brave Levi has to ask. I can smell trouble brewing by doing this.

Ha ha, you just got PRANKED!

“I tell ya, that Gunther Munch guy gave out your number to all these people, Levi. He’s bad news!”

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