1.21: Knock Knock

Levi went home to paint more after visiting the museum. He paints a small abstract canvas. This looks pretty neat. Not exactly sure what abstract it is, but it looks like an ocean against mountains to me.

A whim has popped up for Levi that indicates he wants to Paint an Impressionist Painting (From Painting Skill), so he’ll get on that next. I like when he chooses what he wants to paint through whims. It feels more personal to me if the sims chooses what they want to rather than me picking for them. I’ve picked a lot of the choices of paintings for Levi, but there have been some where he wanted to paint the specific type, like this one. Levi needs more large paintings, so I’ll pick a large one for this.

Levi painted a farm house. His detailing is improving a lot as of late as well. Another thing I am impressed with Levi is that he’s painting Excellent Paintings a lot. This part of his Aspiration, he needs to paint 10 excellent ones. He’s halfway there.

I’d like to see Levi go out and do some more reference painting.

Putting his easel in his inventory, I send Levi to Pupperstone Park in Brindleton Bay. It’s raining here and again I am not surprised. There’s nothing good here to paint right now so Levi will move onto someplace else.

Levi heads to Ward Park in Del Sol Valley next. He found someone playing a guitar he’d like to paint, but she was facing the wrong way and as much as I tried to help Levi, there was just no way of painting her unless it was the back of her head.

I’m guessing doing reference paintings during the day will be better than the late evening hours, so Levi goes home.

While Levi was at work the next day, he had a visitor. “He’s not home creepy miss peeper. Go find someone else to stalk.” I’m pretty much entertained with this.

And another visitor. And look at her thought bubble. “He’s at work, Spica. I’m sorry.” I think I made my decision. Levi and Spica are made for each other. The Art Academy will still be in full swing, but Levi is going to move forward with Spica. I will not be having a poll for readers to decide who to have Levi advance his relationship with. I still may pursue this option in future generations of Levi’s, though.

Look at Levi’s face. He’s so proud he got that next promotion. More perks to go with it as well. I think he needs to go out and celebrate. Perhaps another date with Spica? Yeah. That sounds good.

The bills came again. And with the bonus Levi received, that will pay for them like last time.

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4 thoughts on “1.21: Knock Knock”

  • Yes! Go with Spica…she paid him a visit…he wasn’t home…but she was there! Proof in the screenie! lol the Art Museum in San Myshuno has a lot trait and that might be a great place to paint. There is also an option for Levi to do an art canvas. He could have the Art Academy meet there, too, as there are easels on the 2nd floor. I love that place.

  • I’m happy for Levi and Spica. I think it’s fair, especially since they show interest in each other.

    Levi is really getting better and better at painting. I like his farmhouse painting. He has the out-of-this-world mailbox. I don’t know why but it always makes me happy to see it in game.

    If you were using mods, I’d recommend TwistedMexi’s T.O.O.L. so you could move the easel and paint the guitarist from the front.

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