2.13: Writer In Residence (part 1)

The Duckson Legacy: Generation 2: Chapter 13: Writer In Residence (part 1)

Four years quickly pass by.

Bucky graduated high school three years ago and gotten a job at his mom’s workplace as a Writer’s Assistant. The writer he assisted and everyone else in the company was impressed that Bucky quickly started moving up in the ranks. Zoe could not be any more proud of her son that she had to have a talk with Andrew.

Zoe: I think we need to do something for Bucky. He’s worked so hard to pursue his dream. I want him to get closer to it. In his final year of high school, we had a little talk.
Andrew: Oh?
Zoe: We were at the library. He had been keeping a personal journal since he was a child. He wanted to share it with me. He also said he was interested in how writers and journalists wrote in the olden days with typewriters instead of computers we have now. I think we should buy him one. They are a bit pricey, but I think he deserves it.
Andrew (grinning): I guess my little daddy’s boy has grown up to be a momma’s man.
Zoe: Oh, stop it. I still think you’re his favorite of the two of us.

When Bucky got home from work, he was surprised to see something new at his desk in his room. What used to be a computer was now an old fashioned typewriter. He quickly found his parents and gave them each a hug.

Bucky: Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. This means a lot to me.

Bucky would spend days and weeks after using his new, yet old, typewriter. The stories and poems he had written in his personal journal, he had started typing out.

As he was flipping through his journal he noticed about four or five pages had been ripped out. It was his trip to Granite Falls when he was a child. He wanted to approach Christian, but decided to not bother. He had fun on the trip and he can always go back to Granite Falls and now write about much better things.

Bucky had heard about others traveling living in solitude and do a lot of drawing, painting, and writing. He is a people person, but this was something he was interested in. Going around Sim City and other places in the Sim World and writing. These type of people were referred to as an Artist in Residence and Writer in Residence.

This was Bucky’s dream.


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  • Oh that’s great that he got the typewriter he always wanted and now is able to transfer his journal writing to proper stories. I wonder what happened to those pages…..who has them? Another mystery….

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