1.19: Vision Of Confluence

There’s an unmentionable mod I use that has created certain things to happen in my gameplay. One is having an attractiveness to another. It seems Levi has an attractiveness to all the females he comes across, married or not. I don’t want this for Levi, so I found a way to deactivate it within the mod and we’ll no longer see the attractiveness in the Relationship Profiles from this chapter onward.

Once the club meeting ended and everyone parted ways, Levi got to work on his Needs. He put some food in his stomach and played a few in-game hours of Blicblock before heading off to bed.

He woke up around 7:00am and took his shower and went potty. He was looking much better than he was last night. No tiger lines anymore. I think he just needed a good rest. Then he played a little more Blicblock before work. He got all his Needs in the green which is a good start to his workday. Now for that promotion!

At work Levi arrived late to the local art walk. There’s no room to set up anything on the sidewalk, so he’s trying to decide to either set up in the street or schmooze around. I don’t think Levi would be the type to schmooze at work. He’s more of thinking outside the box or thinking off the sidewalk.

But it failed him. This was his notification:

Yikes! Levi’s table is hit by a passing bike, and now several canvasses are marred by tire tracks.

Well, he tried. There was no notice of loss in performance, so that’s good. And none of his home paintings are ruined, just his work ones. And he ends up with a sad moodlet for 8 hours cause of Ruined Pieces (From a Work Event).

Also at work, Levi is visited by two Gregory Landgraabs from different times, a younger version and an elder version. The younger version is requesting Levi to paint a portrait of the elder one and this is the only place in time it can be done without messing up the timeline.

Levi will get fame and simoleons if he does. Nothing will happen if he doesn’t. Not caring about Levi’s fame, but he could sure use more simoleons, so he agrees to paint the portrait.

This is the notification that followed:

An image of Gregory Landgraab came to life on the canvas in front of Levi. The Gregories seemed impressed, and nodded in unison as they handed over a stack of patinaed Simoleons. As they stepped back through the anomaly, portrait in hand, the portal snapped shut behind them. Suddenly Levi let out an audible gasp… The billboard visible through the studio’s window featured the image he just painted, alongside a prominent advertisement for Landgraab Industries. Did Levi alter his world’s timeline?

Levi now has the tense moodlet from A Brush in Time (From Altering the Timeline) for 24 hours.

When Levi came home, he just missed the mark for a promotion. He is so close to getting it. I guess the club meeting didn’t give him the push he needed. I’m thinking if he reached his 100% painting requirement, he would have gotten it. He has tomorrow off, so at least he can use the day to paint his required amount of time needed.

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  • Wow! That was an interesting pop-up. Levi did the time warp in painting that painting. Okay Levi, glad you want to work, but call Spica…you need to get serious here!

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