1.18: Meeting Of The Minds

Levi was up past 3:00am with his date with Spica. I’m glad it went really well, but poor Levi was so tired and he needed a shower. Getting him in the shower was easy. He wouldn’t get much sleep, so again I had to use some Satisfaction Points from the Rewards Store to give his Energy Need a little boost. Levi buys the Sleep Replacement for 400 points and now has 1,425 left. I didn’t think I’d be using them as much as I was planned.

Levi made it through his workday and his Performance level is labeled Good. A possible promotion his next shift? Sadly, he’s really tense due to his Fun going into the orange. I’m going to solve this without having to use Satisfaction Points.

Levi calls to order the first club meeting for The Art Academy. As they arrive, he greets each one and introduces himself to the members he has not officially met yet.

Brant shares that he loves the outdoors. I wonder how many outdoors paintings Brent has done for him. Brant may not be a painter per se, but I bet the outdoors is his canvas and he admires the look of it.

Mark says he doesn’t work right now. That’s okay, Levi is smitten with someone who is unemployed and doesn’t think that’s a bad thing. Mark also seemed to keep to himself much of the night.

Brandi was a bit of a Flirt to start with. Levi learns she is romantic. Levi even flirted back autonomously. Is it possible Spica might have some competition? She’s currently a neighbor, but will be moving to San Myshuno as that is where she wants to be for her Aspiration. That’s her home place according to her creator.

Hilda also doesn’t work because she stays at home with her daughter. She’s single and needs to be there for her child. Yeah, I made that up. But she is a stay at home mom and is single. I wonder if he thinks that is hot because he made some romantic gestures at her autonomously.

Levi finds out Essie is a bit snobbish, but doesn’t show it that much. Somehow he found that romantic and flirted with her autonomously. “Levi! She’s married! Stop that!”

Okay, Levi made romantic moves on all three women who arrived for the club. And I didn’t provoke him in doing so. The first thing I did was Get To Know for all 5 that arrived. Then it was a free-for-all. Maybe Brandi is to blame. She got him in the flirty mood to begin with. This is all too weird. But shame on Levi for hitting on a married woman!

Essie was admiring the art sketches Levi had put on his wall. He replaced his art piece with this one a day or so ago. He received this as part of one of his promotions. it helps him with his emotional aura. Nice to see that Essie likes it.

Brandi went to the easel outside and started painting. It’s nice she’s showing her talent with the rest of the club members. This painting does look a little familiar though, does it not? *laughing* It’s still a nice painting.

Hilda jumped on the computer and started browsing the web. I’m wondering if she’s keeping tabs on what websites her daughter is viewing if she’s online herself. *laughing more* Brandi decided to join her and the two talked while Hilda browsed. I actually think I saw Brandi do some romantic gestures. Was she flirting with Hilda?

Levi gets a whim to Start a Playful Painting (From Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration). This one is a silly painting, but it’s cute.

His lack of having a specific type of Fun is showing on his body. At least that’s what I think those marks are. It looks like he’s turning into a tiger.

After more chatting, Levi begins scratching himself. This is not good. He had a thought bubble of a doctor’s stethoscope. Is poor Levi getting sick? He best end the club meeting for the night.

Brandi Wallis is created by SoulGal7. I have a lot of fun talking to her and reading her SimLit on the Sims Forums. I’ve created a sim or two for her stories.

Hilda Hald is created by MonaSolstraale. From the time of this chapter, I’ve only interacted with her on the Sims Forums for a short bit, but I’m happy to have gotten to know her. I’ve also recently started reading her SimLit.


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5 thoughts on “1.18: Meeting Of The Minds”

  • I’m excited about whether the art club is helping him to a faster promotion and more friends.
    He seems to have got eyes for the opposite sex, so his date has not been in vain πŸ˜‰

    Thank you for downloading Hilda and for your kind words.
    I remember building a pretty hippie-like shack for her. Maybe I can find a picture you can see.

  • Uh oh! Everyone is flirty. Lol. Yep… uh oh! Essie is married. Levi was attracted to her when they met, I think. Hopefully no drama there. Eddie wouldn’t approve..😬

    • I think because of that other mod, he’ll be attracted to any female he comes across….lol! I may need to find a way to turn that part off.

      • You can customise Levi’s attraction with that mod. If you click on Levi and choose “Generate sim attraction” or something of that sort, you’ll create a specific profile that Levi will be attracted to than the general one that Levi seems to have now. πŸ™‚

  • Wow! Thanks for using Brandi in your story. She was created awhile ago, but she’s a cutie πŸ™‚ Flirt, flirt, flirt – Levi, you go on one date and now you are a flirting fellow! hehe

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