1.16: The Great Outdoors

Levi woke up after midnight having to use the bathroom. Soon as he’s done, our second appliance breaks — the toilet. He’s in no rush this time to go anywhere, so Levi can go ahead and fix the toilet himself. He’s got the Neat trait, so he can probably fix it to his liking rather than a repair man. And it’s cheaper.

As Levi is snoring away, we get a holiday alert that there’s a TV Season Premiere. As Levi doesn’t have a television yet, I’m going to go ahead and cancel this. His cottage is too small to add one right now. I’m sure we’ll see this again in the future.

With his new easel he received from his last promotion, Levi is going to paint a large abstract canvas. It will be fun and interesting to see what he comes up with.

During his painting, there was a notification about the power being turned off:

Power Conservation Day is now in effect. All power will be turned off for the next 12 hours. Hopefully you’ve planned ahead.

Planned ahead? I never even knew this was coming. *laughing* In all my sims gameplay since I’ve gotten The Sims 4, I’ve never seen this. Is this something that came with the Eco Lifestyle pack? Comment below if you like.

The abstract painting turns out to be very colorful and shaped. I like it. I can see different things in it. And it turns out to be an Excellent Quality. “Nicely done, Levi!” I’ve never had a sim paint this much in all my gameplays. I cannot wait until he reaches level 10 in his painting skill. Those must look really nice.

Levi has the day off from work, so I’d like to spend a day focusing on his painting. He has a whim to Level up in Painting Skill (From Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration), so it’s time to allow him to achieve that.

One of my commenters thought Levi should go out to a park and paint. I like this idea. He has been painting a lot of outdoorsy scenes lately. He has the option to Paint from Reference…, so it would be nice to see him do some of that.

Which park is the question in mind. Going through each World, Levi heads to Magnolia Blossom in Willow Creek. It’s actually a beautiful park. It was raining out. Levi noticed a gentleman playing chess by himself and that would be his perfect first reference painting. The guy had left before Levi had finished, but he was able to get all the details.

Levi then made his way to Desert Bloom in Oasis Springs.

But then I had a game twist thrown at me, or should I say at Levi. Spica Winter called Levi. So I had him answer his cell. To my surprise, she tells him she has a crush on him. Dang! He has a romantic interest with her as well. Here’s the thing. I was going to see what happened at the Art Academy club meeting tomorrow and see if there could be other romantic interests. Then I was going to have the folks over on the Sims Forums choose who he would pursue and take it to the next level of intimacy. But this phone call changes things. Spica could very well be his soul mate.

Levi of course tells Spica that he’ll go on a date with her. She was relieved. Now a day and time needs to be set. I think dinner tonight would be appropriate. Surprise her!

Back to the paintings. There was a celebrity in the lounge area at the park that everyone was gathering to see. Maybe Levi could get a good painting of the crowd. The celebrity kept turning his back to Levi. I don’t think he minds having photos taken, but no paintings done. *laughing* The bartender was looking over at Levi with a beautiful smile. There’s his painting moment. “Thank you friendly bartender!” This was his achieving painting to get him another skill level in Painting as well.

Hoping to get one more painting done, Levi goes to Hare Square park in Windenburg. He found a girl playing on the spaceship platform in the middle of the park. What a great painting this could be, so Levi gets to work.


Levi’s Current Skills

Charisma – 2
Cooking – 5
Fitness – 1
Gardening – 1
Gourmet Cooking – 2
Handiness – 1
Logic – 1
Mischief – 2
Naturism – 2
Painting – 7
Persuasion – 1
Singing – 1
Vampire Lore – 2
Video Gaming – 3

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9 thoughts on “1.16: The Great Outdoors”

  • I’m excited to see how his date goes, although a small poll in the Forum also sounds interesting 🤔

    I have often experienced that my plans are suddenly swept off the field due to a random incident occurring in the game. It helps to make the game exciting and lively 😀

    • I too am interested to see how this date goes. It’s been said a few times over on the forums that the game will do its own thing and throw your plans out the window. 😀 Depending how romantic this date gets will decide how I move forward with the rest. And again, the game will force me to do something different I am guessing.

      There will be a poll for sure on who will be the heir.

  • Those paintings are really cool. That one in the park is really good. He’s really getting better.

    Power shutoff is so annoying. I really dislike that option for Eco Lifestyle. In my planned stories, I always shut off neighborhood effects or I disable NPC voting in settings because it’s a frustrating disruption.

    Aww how cute with Spica. I hope they have a good date. That was a really cute text. Is that a mod or the game? I have mods for texts, and I think I’ve seen something similar.

  • When the Landgraab’s call about a power cutoff and the options are something like that you’re prepared vs not knowing about it… always pick the one saying you were prepared. They won’t cut off your power and will give you a slight discount on your next bill.

  • What a cute pop-up from Spica! I would say go for it, Levi! She has started the ball rolling, and obviously likes Levi, so what are you waiting for? The power shut off is from Eco Lifestyle. Even though I have that pack. I haven’t played it very much. I normally have those voting options off so they don’t affect me.

  • It’s definitely Eco Living. My townies are notorious for voting in favor of power and water conservation, so there’s always 1 or 2 days a week where one or both get turned off.
    It’s definitely a day where I spend at the park, library, or basically anywhere if it’s power, andthe gym if it’s water. It’s definitely inconvienent unless you’ve managed to level up enough in handiness to make everything run off power cells, etc. But that can be a pain since you always have to refill it.

    Good luck with Spica! Hopefully everything goes well.

    And don’t most people end up selling their souls when they work as papparazi, it makes sense that he would come back as one after death. (have you checked if he still lives in his old house or is he a homeless NPC now?)

    • Regarding Marcus, I never checked. I do have his tombstone in my household inventory from he died the first time. That cracks me up.

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