1.15: Coffee House Curiosities

I can’t believe Levi has painted over 15 canvases so far. That’s a lot. This next one is a medium impressionism painting. With his skills growing, I can’t wait to see what he comes up with for the different types.

This looks like two apple trees. And I am enjoying the small details of it. I can almost see this as being a water color type painting.

Levi invites Brent over to share his news about forming a club. I’m sure he already knows since his husband had joined. Levi also wants Brent to know that they’re still best friends even though he wasn’t invited to join the club. Levi knows Brent loves to paint, but he’s not a true art lover like he and some others are.

The two hung out and talked for a couple in-game hours. Levi was feeling very uncomfortable because of a dirty sink and he was doing his best to hide it from his best friend. Levi asks Brent if it was okay to Take a Picture Together and Brent was cool with it.

The next morning as Levi was getting ready to go to work, the first appliance finally breaks — the sink. His reaction is priceless. Levi doesn’t have time to fix it right now himself and a repair man will take too long as well, so he instantly buys a new one for 62 simoleons. It’s worth it right now.

Levi got that promotion, but look at his face! He wants to have fun. He received a new easel with the promotion, so that’s good. We’ll put the one he has been using back in the yard where it was when he moved in. When he moves out, he’ll take the new one he got with him.

As I don’t want Levi playing Blicblock all night, I am deciding on to continue to use some of his Satisfaction Points. That’s what they’re there for, right? And it only cost him 100 points to get his Fun to where it needs to be. He still has 1,700 left. And the best part is he washed the glass the potion was in. That’s his Neat trait going to work.

Levi should get to know Spica Winter some more. He helped her through her tenseness and then they became friends. But all he knows about her is that she’s a geek. This isn’t going to be a date, so we need to find Levi a place that’s not very date like. There’s a nice little café in Windenburg called South Square Coffee that would be a nice place to meet.

Once there, I decided to try an experiment. We can order food at a table in restaurants, but not cafes. So, without playing Spica, I wouldn’t be able to get her a coffee. But what if Levi bought two coffees and put one in front of her. Would she take the bait? I decide to test it out.

Well, I didn’t have to. She bought her own drink autonomously. “Thank you, Spica!” As they enjoyed their coffees, I pushed some conversation pieces on Levi. Since this was a get to know you time, I left talking about art out of it. Levi learns she has the Good trait just like he does. It’s nice to be around other good people.

Look who I just spotted in the café! Can it be? Is it he? Did Marcus Flex fake his death to become a paparazzi? *laughing really hard* To prove I got the notification he died, I scrolled back through them and added it for your viewing pleasure. We won’t let him know we spotted him and get back to Levi and Spica.

Levi and Spica talked for a good 3.5 in-game hours before Levi’s stomach needed food. He put a romantic interaction on her that he liked her and she didn’t turn it down with a red minus. In fact, she gave a green plus sign and there was a little pink in their display at the top.

The two got up from their chairs and Levi gave Spica a hug. I did a quick check and he has the option to ask her out on a date. Something to think about.


Levi’s Updated Relationship Profiles

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5 thoughts on “1.15: Coffee House Curiosities”

  • Marcus faked his death. Woah. :O it’s funny that Marcus is showing up almost everywhere in legacies right now. I also just watched an episode of psych where someone faked his death to try to find something he’d lost.
    I wonder what made Marcus do it?

    Looking forward to seeing what becomes of Levi in the future.

    • Well, Marcus is with the paparazzi now, so who knows. Maybe he did it to stalk someone.

      I used to watch Pysch all the time. Good show.

  • Hilarious about Marcus. I think someone made him ambrosia and he got resurrected, or it’s a clone. Will the real Marcus please stand up? lol Nice little get-together with Spica.

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