1.14: The Art Academy

Another great day at work for Levi. His performance level is in the Excellent range which means another promotion is yet again around the corner. Too bad promotions weren’t this quick in the real world. I’m glad Levi is moving up the career ladder, tho. It shows he has a lot of potential.

During my off time from the computer, I got to thinking about Levi and how to improve his social circle. No, it didn’t hurt. *laughing* I got to wondering about the Clubs options. He’s already acquaintances with quite a few people and has a best friend. However, it would be nice for him to be surrounded by more who have the same interest as he does — Art.

I’m already familiar with a few of the available clubs, but I wasn’t on all of them. Checking them out, there doesn’t seem to be one that focuses on the Art Lover trait. I think it would be a lot of fun for Levi to organize a club.

First, Levi would need a club name. I wanted to make sure Art was somewhere in the name. I cheated and looked up art clubs online and one name jumped out at me. The Art Academy. Levi now has a name for his club.

Levi doesn’t want just anyone up and joining his club. He needs to make sure those who do join are the right fit. Plus I want to pick and choose and don’t want some random joining, even if they meet the requirements. *evil grin* Private invitation will be used for this club.

Clubs are always about location, location, location. What a better way to have a club than at club member’s homes. That way the home owner can show off their work, right? And if they don’t paint, it’s a comfort zone to express their love for art. Perhaps they bought art they’d like to share. Levi’s current home isn’t ideal, but hopefully he can find a bigger home later on to show off all the paintings he’s done to his fellow club members.

Every club should have requirements to join. The love of art is for all ages, but there should be restrictions for a club. The first and foremost requirement is the love of art, so the Art Lover trait is a must. Levi decides that young adult and up will be ideal. Teens and younger can appreciate art, but should show their interest via schooling.

Next on the list for Levi is what will go on during these club meetings. There were 3 that stood out of the options available. The first is to Paint. If there’s an empty easel, the club members can paint and show off their own styles with each other. The second is to View Art. The appreciation of art is what makes this club. Finally, to Be Friendly With The Art Academy club members. There’s no place in the club if you can’t be nice to each other.

Levi makes sure to invite Essie and Brant first as he knows those two in his current social circle.

After, there quite a few in the pool of applicants that would be good candidates for the club. Levi can only have 6 club members to start, including himself. Therefore, he can choose 3 more.

It would be fitting to have 3 males and 3 females to even it out. Levi will have his first club meeting on Saturday night game time and see how well it works with scheduling with the other club members. Oh, and Levi received 100 club points for starting the club. He won’t spend those quite yet.


Levi’s Current Skills

Charisma – 2
Cooking – 5
Fitness – 1
Gardening – 1
Gourmet Cooking – 1
Logic – 1
Mischief – 2
Naturism – 2
Painting – 6
Persuasion – 1
Singing – 1
Vampire Lore – 2
Video Gaming – 3

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5 thoughts on “1.14: The Art Academy”

  • Haha! I’m happy to recognize Hilda. If I remember correctly she’s a little crazy.
    I hope you enjoy her.

    An art club sounds like a really good idea 🙂
    You can probably add some more easels at the museums.

  • I forgot if you added lot traits to your lot. There are some art related ones like Natural Light – also good for photography, and Home Studio. I am not sure on this one because I haven’t done the Art Aspiration for awhile, but what if you took a selfie and then enlarged it and put it on the wall. Then you can take a picture of it and paint from reference. Would that work for a self-portraitS?

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