1.13: Confidence

One of my commenters had a suggestion how to change Levi’s moods so he could do his required emotional paintings for his Aspiration. I don’t want to buy an object to help achieve my sim’s goals. To me, that is kind of cheating and using the easy way out. However, I forgot that Levi received a Picture Perfect Art Lighting object from his first promotion at work. Maybe this will help!

In Levi’s first promotion at work, he was given a Picture Perfect Art Lighting object to hang on his wall. I’ll bring that out and see what happens when we turn it on. It’s placed high above as that’s the only real good spot for it, above the curtains. There’s an option to Enable Emotional Aura. This could be his ticket to getting these emotional paintings done.

I think it only helps him get Inspired right away. Levi paints a medium classic piece of artwork. It turns out to be a freezer bunny in the forest. How cute. This is a keeper. Oh, I also checked his Aspiration and it gave me credit for creating an emotional painting. “Yay, Levi!”

The next morning, Levi needed a shower pretty bad. I was about to get him up to go the gym when I finally saw something in the cottage’s bathroom. Normally, there’s a bathtub or a shower within closed doors. I zoomed in to see that the creator of this cottage did indeed install a shower. It’s the type you find in schools. As much as I’d like Levi to hang out at a gym, this will be much easier. Don’t I feel silly for not noticing this earlier.

Levi comes home from work with another promotion. “Way to go, Levi!” It’s such a shame it’s so gloomy outside. I’d have him paint outside again to celebrate his promotion.

I’m glad he got a bonus with this promotion because the first of the bills arrived. They aren’t horrible, but the bonus he received will pay for them.

Checking on the tomato plants, I find out that they were planted out of season. Well, crud. “Sorry, Levi. I didn’t know.” I don’t think Levi is going to be living at this cottage through the summer. This cottage is only meant for 1. Hopefully he’ll be married summer game wise. But we’ll see.

Impressed with his medium classic painting, I encourage Levi to paint a large one this time around. And he doesn’t stop to impress. His paintings are truly getting better now. Except for that one with the color shading across the canvas. I really like this one. It kind of tells a story.

Before sending him off to bed, I wanted to do one more painting. Confident Painting showed up in his options, so he’s going to paint one of those. When his painting was completed, so was his part 2 of his Aspiration. This means he’s halfway done with it. He’ll be a full Painter Extraordinaire in no time, hopefully.

This painting is intriguing. It’s not completely finished but it is. And the contrast of the red bow?


Levi’s Current Skills

Charisma – 2
Cooking – 5
Fitness – 1
Gardening – 1
Logic – 1
Mischief – 2
Naturism – 2
Painting – 6
Persuasion – 1
Singing – 1
Vampire Lore – 2
Video Gaming – 3

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6 thoughts on “1.13: Confidence”

  • Oh I forgot I was going to leave comments about emotions too xD
    I’m late now but I’ll leave it anyways. Cas hats! The little animal ones.they each give a different moodlets buff. Like the flirty cow and the wise focused owl and the angry(?) Tiger. I forget them all xD

    Gnome in the forest clearing is one of my favorites of the large classic paintings … I love most of the classic paintings and end up wanting to keep them all. I love them so much. I also have been wanting to paint Sims paintings myself. XD

    • Moodlet hats? lol … That’s kind of cheating, isn’t it? I bet Levi would look great in them, though.

      Hmm….that’s sounds like it would be fun to have a painting of Levi. But I’m not going to go in and play the other households. Only Levi’s legacy households will I play out. But….I could have him paint Brent. Too stalker-ish? 😀

  • That last painting that Levi painted is so cool and the larger one before is really nice. He is getting there, and another promotion – woot! Maybe what he should do is pack that easel in his inventory and paint at the park. That way, he might be able to meet some eligible sims…maybe 🙂

  • It’s good to see Levi experimenting with different styles. The color one was nice to brighten a dark corner but not my thing either. I do really like that first painting today. Looks like a gnome in a forest scene. And way to rock the confidence. The woman with the red bow looks great. Opps about the shower. Haha.

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