1.09: Spice Festival

Levi survived his day at work, but he’s really tense again from lack of fun. I’m determined to get all the Needs to green. I remember this being a challenge in other gameplays and would just cheat it and Shift click the sim and select Make Happy. Nope. Not going to do it. This is part of the gameplay. But Levi will make it.

Levi was playing Blicblock when his phone rang. It was his newfound friend, Brent. Brent invited Levi to go the Spice Festival with him. Well, Levi is hungry.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve never played one of the in game festivals. I was always too busy with thinking up storylines that I never wanted to include these types of things into them. That’s why I am pretty stoked to play this gameplay and blog it. I have to give thanks for this to some of the members on The Sims Forums in the Sims 4 Stories and Legacies section.

Levi agrees to tag along and will meet Brent there.

I see the Spice Festival is a timed event. I like these type of things. Of course, the only other timed event I did was the Go On a Date one. But it’s fun to try and get the gold reward at the end. I’m curious what it is here.

Levi needs to Eat Spicy Food. Good, he’s hungry anyway. Let’s give him heartburn for it. Brent wants him to try the curry.

Before he does that though, we need to solve his tiredness issue. This is one of those last resort times. Using 400 Satisfaction Points, Levi gets the Sleep Replacement potion and drinks it. Now onto this spicy food.

As soon as Levi tries the curry, was he in for a surprise. It even looks like Brent had the “I told you so” actions. And the food vendor is cracking me up. He has the “This is what happens when you don’t have your Tums first” reaction.

And yet he continues to eat it. “Let the fire flow from within you, Levi. Just don’t set anyone on fire.” The vendor is also having a field day watching this.

While Levi finished his spicy curry, Brent ran off to play some basketball and changed into his active wear clothing. It’s partly cloudy and cold outside. What is Brent thinking by wearing shorts?

Levi found a Bubble Blower and invited Brent over. Brent was too cold to try it, but Levi was having fun with it. I’m glad he’s enjoying himself.

Brent decides to run off to who knows where. And I do mean run off. He got up and started jogging away. *laughing* He was probably cold with those shorts on.

Levi got a little chilly himself and changed into something warmer autonomously. I then had Levi stand around the food and merchandise stands and let it sit for a little bit. He was approached by a woman. They just looked at each other with no interaction. Awkward. “Say something to her, Levi!” I had him do the Friendly Introduction. Then they started talking autonomously. Guess Levi just needed a little push.

Her name is Esther Green, but she says to Levi he can call her Essie (not really, but when you see her Relationship Profile, you’ll understand). He talks about art and finds out she has the Creativity and Art Lover traits. Then Levi talks about his Neat trait he has. “I don’t think she cares, Levi. Stay on topic.” The two talked a lot about art, color theory, favorite artists, and more. Levi just found another person he can hang out with to talk about his passion.

Esther “Essie” Green is created by livinasimminlife on the Sims Gallery. I’ve made good friends with her on the Sims Forums, for which she goes by AdamsEve1231.

There was less than an hour left of the festival, so Levi found Brent who had changed clothes into something warmer, his cool look as I call it. Levi bought two souvenir items from the merchandise stall as he had a lot of fun.

Brent was real tired and left. One of the gifts Levi bought was going to be for Brent. Levi will surprise him another time with it.


Levi’s New Relationship Profiles


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