1.08: Bromance

Decorating time. Levi doesn’t need peeping sim to look in on him almost everyday. So curtains go up. I couldn’t find curtains to go across the whole window, which is odd. But what he has will do for now. He even has one of his own paintings on the walls now to make the place more lively for anyone he INVITES over.

I also checked the locking opportunities on the door since it was brought up in one of the comments. I found a way to keep vampires out. Will this work with Vlad as the head vampire and because he already has bitten Levi once? We’ll find out.

Even though he’s tired, Levi has a whim to Discuss Color Theory at the Museum (From Being Inspired). Perfect timing. He can head back over to the museum in Del Sol Valley and invite Brent to go along. He needs to get his relationship status up to friends. Levi needs a good friend right now. It’s only a little after 7pm, so he can’t go to bed now or he’ll be up too early. Maybe he’ll want to be in case Vlad shows up again, but I don’t want him taking any chances of doing bad on the job. It won’t look good to Brent.

Brent meets Levi at the museum. Brent is looking stylish today with the glasses and earrings. He looks more hip here. His general outfit, he looks like a preppy. Maybe that’s Brent style. Preppy and cool. *laughing*

After talking about color theory, he moved on about sharing his dreams of being a famous painter from Talk About Dreams with Someone (From Being Inspired).

As Levi and Brent were talking about other inspiring things that showed up in the Friendly option, a celebrity comes in to check out the painting that was next to them. Of course, the paparazzi also were not far behind. Soon it was getting noisy. They moved to another spot to talk.

When it was close to 10:00pm, Brent kept checking his phone. I think he’s hinting it was getting late, but didn’t want to be rude to Levi. So, Levi made the move and told Brent it’s getting late and he had a fun time hanging out. They both parted ways. At the end of the chapter, you can see the sentiments Levi has with Brent.

The next morning, Levi wakes up tense. Hanging out with Brent was fun, but not the kind he’s looking for. I think he wants to play more Blick Block. His hygiene is also lacking a bit. But he’s got to work in an hour, so those will have to wait until he gets home.

This is the fun part *sarcastic tone* with the Needs, we’ll see how good I am at keeping up. The one cheat I am accepting in giving myself is the Rewards Store with Satisfaction Points because he can fulfill needs with things. It’s not really cheating though as he deserved those points. Levi will use those as a last resort.

Oops. Levi forgot to complete his painting requirements. He’s in the Excellent performance area, so hopefully this doesn’t affect that and he gets that promotion.

So, we locked the door to Levi’s cottage to vampires, but not to anyone else. And now we have an intruder while Levi is at work. Gosh darn it. At least he’s not stealing anything.

This is the guy Levi did the hand buzzer prank on at the Humor and Hijinks festival. Is this payback? Now he’s on Levi’s computer. I hope he’s not messing around with it.

When Levi got home from work, the intruder had left.

I’m happy to say Levi got the promotion. He received some nice perks as well. But look at the poor guy. He’s all smelly and his Needs for Fun and Hygiene are horribly in the red. “Don’t give me that dirty look, Levi! You can have a shower.” Get it? Dirty look! Ha, ha, ha. I crack myself up. I wish Levi would laugh.

“Grab your swimsuit, Levi. You’re going swimming after cause you’re too tense and need to relax.” Hopefully taking a swim will get him less tense.

After his shower, Levi headed to the pool area. Low and behold, guess who else was at the pool? Brent! What are the odds? Except Brent was chatting it up with someone else. I hope he’s not cheating on his husband. Levi goes over and sits next to Brent and introduces himself to the other guy.

They chatted for a little while until I remembered that Levi needs to get his fun up, so I had Brent join Levi in a group and go swimming. Autonomously they started splashing each other.

A little after 10:30pm, Brent decided to leave. His husband was probably worried about where he was. He didn’t even say goodbye to Levi.

I know he’s tired, but Levi needs to do some painting before going to bed. He’s got to get that experience in for work so he can get another promotion.

As Levi was at the pool with Brent, one of Levi’s dreams came true. I got a notification that Brent became good friends with Levi. “Way to go, Levi!” He did it. Now he just needs to keep that up so it doesn’t decay.

Levi did some figure painting this go. I was curious to see what he would paint. It’s a picture of a person running. Not sure if it’s to something or from something. Only Levi knows. This gets him 50% done in painting for work. Good enough I guess. We’ll have to work on it being Completed more often.


Levi’s Current Skills

Charisma – 1
Cooking – 3
Fitness – 1
Mischief – 2
Naturism – 2
Painting – 5
Persuasion – 1
Vampire Lore – 2
Video Gaming – 1

Levi’s New & Updated Relationship Profiles


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8 thoughts on “1.08: Bromance”

  • It’s great that Levi has found a friend 🙂
    It’s weird with the Sims just wading into other people’s houses, so I hope Vlad has visited Levi for the last time.

    NB: I managed to open your story in Reader and give your chapter a Like! Stubbornness pays off 😁

    • Oh… Do share how did you manage to get it on your wp reader? I still can’t get this to work on mine. 🙁

    • Brent and Levi get along well.

      Hopefully locking the door to vampires keeps Vlad out. We’ll see. Levi may need to lock the door to everyone I suppose.

  • Oh my gosh! Levi adores Brent! lol That little puppy dog face sentiment is cute. Woot! And Levi has a friend. Now, what the heck is going on with a sim just walking into your house and using your computer. That is so weird. Maybe you need to lock the door for everyone except Levi. You have also probably checked, but I had this happen once when I first started and realized that my lot was set to generic and not residential and all these sims were just walking into the house. Maybe this is a new bug. lol

    • Levi has a BFF for sure. 😀

      Levi met the sim at the Humor and Hijinks festival. Play a prank on him. I don’t any random sim will hopefully waltz in.

      The lot is a tiny living residential lot I downloaded from the Gallery. It’s specifically marked as tiny living residential.

  • Sometimes I forget the vanilla mood for low fun is rense and not bored, since I use a mod to fix that frankly illogical thing, haha!

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