1.07: Get a Job

Now that Levi loves to paint, he needs to make more simoleons from doing so. Eventually, he’ll want to start a family. He’ll need simoleons to support his family and also for a new home because the cottage he lives in is a one person cottage.

Levi knows where Brent works and maybe he can get a job there as well. No, he’s not going to stalk Brent. Brent works at 1000 Words Art Gallery. Levi looks up the website and sees they have an opening for a Palette Cleaner. Seems easy enough. Maybe a quick promotion. He goes ahead and applies. One nice thing about Sims employment is you don’t need an interview. If you want the job, it’s yours.

Levi starts tomorrow at 9:00am.

As it’s still pouring outside, I magically move the easel inside for Levi. One of his whims is to Play in the Rain (From Rain Outside), but I saw some lightning. Last thing Levi needs is to be struck by that. He’ll appreciate me later for not letting him do that.

Because he’s in an inspiring mood again, he won’t be able to do an emotional painting. He can still paint anything to get his skill up for it. He also needs to paint for work. Demanding job. But Levi enjoys painting.

I think Levi should do all types of paintings, so this one is a small realism painting. I don’t recall if in previous chapters I had him do one of these. He’s completed 7 paintings in total now, so I’m going to start forgetting what types of paintings he’s worked on. “Is this your dream home, Levi?” His finished project is a house in a field of flowers? He might want to hold onto this one for now.

His next painting is a medium sized canvas of realism. I think Levi enjoys painting the outdoors. This is one a little too plain to keep, so he sells it to a Collector for 108 simoleons.

Levi has completed all the painting time he needs to for his first day on the job tomorrow, but he’s on a roll. He’s going to stay with the realism painting and do a large one this time. This one seems to be of a flower. A dandelion? And where do flowers grow normally? Outside. Not sure about keeping or selling. It’ll go in his inventory for now in case he needs to sell paintings later again.

He’s not even tired yet, but since his first day on the job is tomorrow, I want him well rested. I think Levi wanted to paint more.

As Levi is getting his good night’s rest, Vlad finally breaks into his cottage. Uh oh, is Vlad putting his vampire voodoo magic on Levi. “His first day on the job is in 9 hours, why are you causing problems, Vlad?”

Poor Levi. He did want to know more about vampires. Now he’s gotten an up close and personal experience with one. How much did Vlad take? Enough just to thirst or too much to turn Levi into one. “Why did you have to be obsessed with vampires, Levi?”

I go my answer soon after. Vlad took enough blood to satisfy his thirst and not too much to turn Levi into one. But this doesn’t mean he couldn’t next time around. I have to admit Levi got what he deserved.

Levi ended up sleeping on the floor drained for some time. When he awoke to move to his bed, guess who was at the window? Yup, the peeping sim! Such creepiness. Why doesn’t this cottage have curtains? I think she actually witnessed the whole Vlad having his Levi snack ordeal.

This time, Levi can plainly see her. He goes out to where she is and tells her to go away. He may find her attractive, but c’mon now. He then goes back to bed rather than on the floor. I wonder if Levi even remembers what happened to him?

As morning arrived, Levi woke up uncomfortable. I guess he knew something happened. He’s going to be like this for almost his whole day. Will this affect his work performance? I sure hope not.

There was a notification as well that Marcus Flex died? What is going on? First L. and now Marcus. This is not a good sign of things to come. And I’m not being informed how these sims are dying. I wish there was some kind of explanation.

During his workshift, Levi got a text message. It was from Brent. How awesome is that? He congratulates Levi on landing the job.

Levi’s work performance level is Excellent, but not enough to get him a promotion after his first day. He did pretty well for feeling uncomfortable all day. There’s no emotional painting to do for being uncomfortable, so he paints a surrealism on a small canvas. When he’s done, I am curious if this is how he feels right now and that’s what he painted. I think it’s best he sells this one. This time he sells it to an Art Gallery for 189 simoleons.


Levi’s Current Skills

Charisma – 1
Cooking – 3
Mischief – 2
Naturism – 1
Painting – 5
Persuasion – 1
Vampire Lore – 2
Video Gaming – 1

Levi’s Updated Relationship Profiles


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14 thoughts on “1.07: Get a Job”

  • It was both a good and a bad day for Levi.
    It was certainly good that he can now look forward to a steady income in addition to the paintings he can sell 😊
    But ugh! Why should Vlad drain him of blood the night before he started his new job πŸ˜–

    When I look at his sentiment about Tina, I wonder if it was the neighborhood’s action plan that got Santa and all the other Sims fighting in yesterday’s episode?
    It is one of the most foolish action plans besides free love that makes the Sims kiss their siblings, stepparents and all other relationships nearby.

    • I know, right. Bad Vlad, bad!

      It’s actually Tina’s sentiment about Levi.
      And not sure what the other stuff is. Are you sure that’s not in regards to someone else’s story?

        • That would be my story xD 🀣 all good. Perhaps they’re taking place in the same world and we don’t know it.
          That’s crazy, is Tina mad that she got told off for peeping? Or hurt that he had an affair with Vlad and not her xD

  • Well, that was an eventful day for Levi. I knew that sooner to later Vlad would definitely become the ‘unwelcome’ wagon! lol And who is this Tina Peeping and why is she hurt with Levi. I think it’s time for Levi to get some blinds on that window! Oh gosh, and now Marcus Flex dies. Gah!

    • Levi brought it on himself with Vlad. Curious to see how many Vlad visits he’ll get and if he’ll get turned.

      I’m guessing Tina has a thing for Levi. So when he told her to go away, she was hurt by it. He still finds her attractive, tho.

      I know! Two young adults died in my game. I’m really hoping it’s not a trend.

      • I wonder why they’re dying? :O
        Can vampires turn Sims from drinking events? I thought they had to call the sim to their house and have the “we have a question for you” event?

        • I wish I knew why they were dying. L wasn’t lying on the ground like how a normally recently died person does if you go back and look at the image. Only received a notification about Marcus.

          I’ve never had the issue of a vampire breaking in and biting a sim until now, so I’m really not sure. You could be right. Maybe with the door locked, Vlad will do that next.

  • The flower painting is good. Looks a little sunflowery to me. Or a Gerbera daisy?

    Ah… Vlad and his drama! Eek! Messing with Simmers’ games since 2017. πŸ˜„

    Stalker girl is back. Is Levi secretly famous? Is she a paparazzo?

  • Dang it, Vlad xD I’d definitely recommend buying some garlic to keep that pesky man away from Levi. Also, what is up with that girl, seriously. She’s clearly got some kind of crush on him but geez. Cree-py.

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