1.06: Getting in the Mood

Vlad must have known that Levi has been interested in learning about vampires lately, because here is at 3:00 in the morning at Levi’s door. “He’s sleeping right now, please go away!”

Levi is still sad from what happened last night at the festival. I don’t blame him. He’s got a whim to Blog about Feelings (From Being Sad). He also wants to Finish a Painting (From Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration) and puts back up the whim to Buy a Bee Box (From Spring Season).

Lucky for him, he started a painting when he got invited to go to the festival that he’ll never attend again. So, he finishes that before starting a new one. Instead of a light snow, now it’s a light rain. Good thing he changed out from his jammies.

This painting reminds me of the peanuts gang for some reason. At least Levi gets to finish a happy painting from the mood he’s in. Working on this one has put him into an Inspired mood.

His whims go back to food stuff. “You should paint food canvases, Levi.” This level in his Aspiration, Levi needs to be in different moods. He was sad but moved to inspired. We need to get him into something other than inspired.

First I tried having Levi play some games but he remained inspired. Then I had to look up Brent online and see if he could maybe chat with him. Instead of using his phone to text, Levi’s using his computer. The Sims version of Facebook Messenger I suppose. Still stuck in the inspired mood.

I heard showers can change your mood. I’ll send Levi off to a gym. Not the one in Windenburg, though. Let’s try the Pectoral Fitness in Del Sol Valley. He liked the museum there, maybe the gym is just as good.

At first glimpse, I really liked this gym. And getting to the shower is more spacious as well. He takes a steamy shower to perhaps get into a flirty mood. “Wash under those arms, Levi!” After, he had a flirty mood, but it was overridden by this darn inspired mood. He’ll have to go home and see if he can paint an emotional painting.

Nope. No luck. I guess the mood has to be at the forefront. Do I really have to wait for this inspiration mood to pass? There’s 6 hours left of Levi to move out of this mood. Luckily the steamy shower he had has got him in the Flirty mood for 8 hours. “Nap for some hours, Levi.”

Levi’s awaken by his phone ringing. Of course he answers it since it’s his cell and only people he knows should be calling him. But he gets this cold call from this person wanting to start a business and needs simoleons. “Scam alert, Levi! Don’t trust this. Especially to a person you’ve never met!” She did state her name as Bess Sterling. He kindly tells her no, thankfully.

He finally reminisces about the steamy shower he had. “Who were you thinking about, Levi? You should paint that.” He begins his brush stroking and it begins to rain. And it’s starting to rain hard.

I push Levi along to get this painting done. I suppose we could have moved the easel indoors. “My bad, Levi.” But he finally finishes. Aww, it’s his style of Lady and the Tramp. “Maybe one day you’ll experience this, Levi. Now get indoors so you don’t get hit by lightning. Don’t need this Legacy to end so quickly.” He sells the painting to a collector for 142 simoleons to help achieve his part 2 of his Aspiration.

Added note about Levi’s Relationship Profiles. I didn’t realize that he had a negative effect with the peeping sim. Even though he didn’t see her, she’s in his relationship panel with a bit of red for negative, so I added her below. And I just noticed he has an attractiveness added to it. He finds the peeping sim attractive? “Good grief, Levi!”


Levi’s Current Skills

Charisma – 1
Cooking – 3
Mischief – 2
Naturism – 1
Painting – 4
Persuasion – 1
Vampire Lore – 2
Video Gaming – 1

Levi’s New Relationship Profiles

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12 thoughts on “1.06: Getting in the Mood”

  • Huh, is the peeping sim really called Tina Peeping? Is she a townie that goes around peeping or something? Weirdo.

    • Yup. I didn’t add her to the game. She’s probably the town peeper in whatever update they put peeping sims in.

  • Oof I never realised you were using a wordpress site! I use reader a lot so this is handy. 🙂

    Good grief is right, Levi! Although, the heart wants what the heart wants. Hopefully he finds one of your lady friend sims more attractive. The lady and the tramp painting is adorable! I wish he kept it.

    Did you lock the door on Vlad? Vampire break-ins are a pet peeve of mine.

    • I hope his heart really isn’t into someone who looks into other people’s houses. That’s not attractive to me, personally. 😀

      I did not. The door is not locked at all. I was waiting for Vlad to use his vampiric style and morph through to inside. Am glad he didn’t.

      • Peeping toms was an update? I don’t remember this 😮
        And when Abbie got in a fight with Santa she also got a romantic bar with him. It’s not pink at all, but it showed up.

        • I don’t know if it’s an update or it came with a Pack. I did read about peeping sims somewhere there in the past. I wish I remembered.

  • Oh he won’t change out of pajamas for snow, but he will for light rain? 😋

    Charlie Brown and Co. The Peanuts gang. Cute.

    Those emotions taking too long to change. Haha. The cat? and spaghetti painting is adorable. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that one in game. I love Lady and the Tramp.

  • I love that cat spaghetti painting. So cute. And Vlad at the door….no…hang some garlic, now and wear turtlenecks! lol

    • Levi seems to be into vampires, so I’ll let the chips fall where they may. If Vlad ends up turning him, I guess I have to play it out.

  • Love never means having to say you’re sorry for being a peeping Tina. So, it’s a trick to get Levi in love with her so she can peep at whatever whenever she wants. LOL

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