1.05: Humor & Hijinks

I dismissed the 2 whims he had to bring up 2 new ones. Now he wants to Read Vampire Book (From Not Being a Vampire). What is his obsession with vampires now? If one of his other traits had to do with vampires, I would be so into this with Levi. Does he have a hidden trait having to do with vampires? *laughing* The other one, he pulled a Get Creative (From Lot Traits). There we go. A lot trait Levi can enjoy doing as one of them is to paint.

Levi painted another pop art design. This one is not so creative to me, though. He has a new whim to Sell a Painting (From Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration). This is his second one of these. This is good because he can sell this painting. It also goes towards one of his level 2 Aspiration requirements. He made 170 simoleons from it.

The cottage he moved into didn’t have a bathtub nor a shower. The creator of the cottage, EuphorialQueen, might have forgot or intentionally did that. In any event, Levi is becoming a bit stinky.

I’ve checked out the Movers & Shakers gym from Willow Creek along with Burners & Builders from Oasis Springs in previous gameplays. The gyms I have not visited are Windenburg’s Harbor Quarter Gym, San Myshuno’s Skye Fitness, and Del Sol Valley’s Pectoral Fitness. Harbor Quarter Gym in Windenburg seems the safest to get a shower in.

He was in his jammies when Levi got on the phone to travel to the gym. When he arrived, he was in a new outfit. I really like the ‘Stylized Look’ options in Create-a-Sim. It really does do him justice. This looks like a painter’s sweater to me.

Let me just tell you that if you haven’t visited the showers at Harbor Quarter Gym, don’t. I mean, if your Sim doesn’t mind small spaces, then go for it. If I went to take a shower here, I’d get claustrophobic. Levi is in the closest one to the camera view. But look at that. Two people can’t even walk there. Levi is not showering here again if he can help it.

Levi wants to Level up in Painting Skill (From Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration). Back to the easel he goes now that he is nice and clean.

While he is painting, Levi gets a notification that the Humor and Hijinks Festival is in town. His traits are Art Lover, Neat, and Good. I’m not sure if this festival is right for him, but he deserves a break from painting. And I’ve never played the game going to one of these, so this is the first time for me. “Let’s go, Levi!”

So it’s the Prankster’s versus the Jokesters? This is all new to me and Levi. I think Levi will join the pranksters side as I doubt he’ll be able say anything funny. He heads over to the fountain to drink one of the teas which signifies he has joined the pranksters.

Now, what mischief can Levi get himself into?

Pulling up a seat with others, Levi puts on his thinking cap. Performing mischief on guys might be better than the women. So he starts by telling the gentleman at the other table, Victor Feng, that the tea is actually poisonous and shouldn’t drink it.

I don’t think it worked because he gets the embarrassed moodlet.

Only one, Geoffrey Landgraab, found it funny. All the others left after pulling that prank. Geoffrey is on the prankster team, so I can see why he found it funny. The two chat it up a little bit as it gets dark out.

As Levi is pulling his second mischief, he gets a text message. And it’s from someone Levi never met. And she says she’s heard not good things about him. The nerve. Are people already gossiping how horrible his first prank went? How did she get his number? I bet Gunther gave it to her.

If the message is to small to read, it says…

“Hey Levi, I’ve heard a lot about you. Mostly bad things, but that’s OK, people don’t usually like me either. We should hang out…”

I missed the rest. It disappeared before I could read it.

Towards the end of the festival, the fireworks displays went off. They were pretty. But then something bad happened. A sim collapsed. Died. Not sure what happened. But half the festival attendees are crying and the other half are watching the fireworks. I shouldn’t laugh, but it is kind of funny. Levi is doing the right thing and is being sad about it. I wish I knew what happened.

The one on the ground, supposedly who died is L. Faba, an Adult and also labeled a prankster. Oh my gosh! Is this a prank? It better not be. What a horrible thing to do. But the grim reaper showed up. It was not a prank afterall.

“Levi, go home. What a horrible festival this turned out to be for you. I’m sorry!”

Levi gets the whim to Call Someone on the Phone (From Being Sad). He can call his painter buddy, Brent. Hopefully he’s awake this late. But he is not. He’s sleeping. Levi sends him a sad text telling him what happened at the festival.


Levi’s Current Skills

Charisma – 1
Cooking – 2
Mischief – 2
Naturism – 1
Painting – 4
Persuasion – 1
Vampire Lore – 2

Levi’s New Relationship Profiles




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9 thoughts on “1.05: Humor & Hijinks”

  • I didn’t expect Levi to have level 2 vampire lore. Looks like he’s really fascinated about them! That or he’s freaked out and getting himself primed and ready for… something. πŸ˜†

    That pop art though. What a complicated looking lineage… Expressing his deep desire for an interesting family I see. 😏

    • Neither did I on the Vampire Lore. He did a lot of research. I really don’t know what his obsession with vampires is as of late. Hopefully it’s just a phase.

      I didn’t like that last art piece. Was happy to get rid of it. Levi does need to sell a few more, but we’ll see what else he paints first. I’d like to keep some for his cottage and when he moves, paintings for his new home (cause there’s no way this cottage is meant for two).

  • His painting looks like a chart, the kind for a business presentation. Perhaps he’s thinking ahead to his business strategy when he becomes a famous painter. Oh my! Poisonous tea? And Victor Feng didn’t believe him. 😬What a weird festival experience this all was!

    • Everyone seems to like that painting but me…lol.

      Yeah, it was a very weird festival experience. If it comes around again for Levi, he’s not going.

  • Oh my gosh! L Faba – one of the spellcasters…of mischief…dies at the Humor & Hijinks Festival. How funny…I mean…sad is that? lol Now he’s going to be Mr. Gloomy Levi for awhile. Call that sadness hotline, quick, or use it to paint sad paintings. lol

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