1.04: Peeping Sim

After I got to writing the previous chapter, I thought it would be fun to put in Sims households created by friends and storytellers I’ve met from The Sims Official Forums. I’d put some in each Generation in hopes my heir or its family would meet each one of these households I add.  For Levi’s generation, I added households which at least one member had a trait that he has. Some households were singles and some were families. Maybe, just maybe, Levi will show interest in one of the singles households. You know, a lady friend who’ll bear his child.

Now that Levi finished his 3 required painting being inspired, he has a whim to Buy a Bar (From Being Inspired). “You can go to a bar, Levi. No need to spend simoleons and purchase one.” He also wants to Paint a Mural (From Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration). “You think you’re that good already, Levi?” Finally, he wants to Search for Vampire Information on a Computer (For Not Being a Vampire). “You are really weird, Levi.”

Of those 3, Levi searched for Vampire Information. I don’t exactly know his intentions, but it’s what Levi wants to do. He’s not spending simoleons on a bar and he’s not ready to paint murals yet.

I didn’t realize that the cottage had a computer already. It’s an old style one, too. Doing research he found out 2 things. He can find garlic and plasma fruit in Forgotten Hollow. Not that he should go there and follow up by looking for them. He also unlocked the Vampire Tome.

Oh, my! There’s someone peeping in Levi’s window. Creeper! And she took her pants off. What the heck? I have the censor blur turned off. I’m not even going to go into detail what she was doing while peeping, it is so inappropriate. *laughing* I’m so glad Levi was not paying attention.

The peeper eventually leaves. A new whim popped up for Levi to Do Some Cooking (From Lot Traits). The focus is on him, not the Lot. He still has 1 more hour of painting to do for part 1 of his Aspiration, so he can go paint some more. I think he already loves to paint as his skill level is 3/10.

As he was going out to do a painting, Gunther texted him. I guess word got out that Levi is a Legacy founder and he became notorious and Gunther wanted to give a friend his number. Why not. As long as it’s not that creepy peeping sim.

He completed his last hour for part 1 of his Aspiration by painting a small pop art design. I wonder if he envisioned his kids and that’s who they are suppose to be.

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9 thoughts on “1.04: Peeping Sim”

  • Pfft the pop art made me laugh. I usually have my sims spam classical/renaissanc/impressionism so I dont know what the other pictures look like. This is new! 😆

    I was expecting a lady friend to appear. I guess you’re leaving it for next 😄

    • I want to enjoy Levi’s paintings, so I’ll more than likely show off all the ones he paints. So I’ll spam the readers with them. You can compare the ones you remember your Sim doing versus new ones you don’t remember seeing.

      It’s up to the game who he comes in contact with. That why I put 8 households in the game with possible female companionship. A lot of them are Art Lovers and some have the Neat trait.

  • Oh my! Pantsless peeping Sim. Scandalous! Silly game glitches where the Sims don’t put proper clothes on. Take tsk! That painting at the end was cute.

    • Actually, I don’t think it was a glitch. I think MC Woohoo was doing the scandalous stuff. I can’t write on here everything because as I mentioned in the chapter, it’s very inappropriate. 😀

      I’m going to keep a lot of paintings if possible. Sell the one’s I don’t like. This one looks like a keeper for his child(ren)’s room.

  • Do you have a mod on that allows that scandalous behavior xD hahaha. I like seeing the paintings so I’m all for it. I love seeing how they’re interpreted at the time of their creation too

    • I’m thinking it has to be MC Woohoo attached to MC Command Center. It creeped me out when I saw it. No details can be shared here, but my eyes opened and jaw dropped.

  • Scandalous peeping sims! Geez! Wel, it didn’t really interrupt Levi’s painting frenzy, so that’s a good thing! lol

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