1.03: Paint Us A Picture

Even though I have MC Command Center Mod which allows a lot of flexibility cheating, I am not going to do that for this legacy. It makes it no fun that way. Of course, I don’t want to share every single detail of what Levi is doing (such as eating, bathroom urgencies, and bath time), just the major bits and pieces. I don’t think readers will really care every time Levi’s needs need attention. Since I screenshot the sims window instead of just an in-game image, you as a reader can follow along the days of the week on your own and see the days pass by without me having to explain it. In some instances I will obviously, but for the most part, the image will tell you a lot.

I wonder if this is a game glitch. After the last chapter, I saved the game and closed it. When I reopened the save game, Levi had changed clothes. I use the ‘Stylized Look’ outfit options, so it’s basically the same clothes with different colors. He was wearing a green jacket and blue jeans last chapter. Now he’s wearing a tan jacket and brown jeans. I don’t mind it. I do find it funny, though.

Since Levi wants to sell a painting so bad per the constant whim to do so, he gets started on his very first painting on the easel that was provided with the cottage. He’s going to paint his first canvas with a small classic painting.

At this point in the painting process I was very curious what Levi was painting a picture of. It looks like it could be something outdoors. The background looks like a sky with clouds and trees at the bottom. But what is that reddish orange thing he’s painting in the middle?

And I was completely off. I still don’t know what it is. A barrel tipped over with fruit inside? “Levi, what is that?” I’d love to read what you as a reader think this painting represents.

He was able to sell it to a Collector for 45 simoleons. Not bad for a first painting. And he completed that whim finally. He has a whim to Buy An Instrument (For Being Inspired). “Really, Levi? Painting isn’t enough, now you want to play an instrument?” He also wants to Buy a Bee Box (From Spring Season). “I don’t think you really need a bee box. You won’t have time to take care of it anyway. Once Spring ends, you’ll want something else for the new season.” And finally, the Volunteer with Family (From Being Good) is still there.

Now that he’s inspired, he can start his Aspiration. The first level is to paint 3 paintings while inspired and to paint for 5 hours.

Aww, this painting of Levi’s is a little cute. Simple, but cute. Check out the weather forecast. It’s Spring season and there’s a chance of snow? I live in Minnesota and this type a weather is a thing here. Didn’t realize it carries over into the Sims world too. *chuckling*

Levi’s third painting is nice. I like the cardinal on the teapot. “Very artistic, Levi. Cannot wait to see what you paint as your skills get better.” There was a light snow the rest of the day. Levi enjoyed it when it first came down.

I had Levi paint a larger picture for his last one for his Aspiration part 1. A house on a hill at night in the rain? I wonder if that symbolizes something for him. There continued to be a light snow through the next morning.


Levi’s Current Skills

Charisma – 1
Cooking – 2
Painting – 3
Persuasion – 1

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13 thoughts on “1.03: Paint Us A Picture”

  • The first painting is a typical still life you have to draw in art classes. They’ll put a bunch of fruit in a basket so you learn to draw what you see including shadows.

  • He’s a really good painter already! I’m familiar with that one painting you were asking about–some of my Sims paint it often. It’s a basket with apples rolling out of it. I think it’s cool how Sims have different styles when it comes to their brushstrokes.

    • I can tell one apple. The bright red one. The others look different, but they could very well be apples as well. šŸ˜€

  • He really wanted to paint, didn’t he? Not bad Levi. Not bad at all. The llama picture is cute. The third painting is a bit dark so I can’t really see it since I’m reading on my phone. The first one… someone upset the apples. Eat one, Levi, for your health. šŸ˜‹ And the house on the hill in the rain? That’s by far his best painting in my opinion, but I’m not a professional art critic. I think it’s funny that he walked outside in pajamas and there’s “light” snow. Isn’t it freezing? Is he barefoot too? Brr…

    • I like the house on the hill the best, too. We’ll see what other nice ones he paints.

      I figured the game was going to put him in his cold weather “Stylized Look”, but guess not. He was fine during the time he was outside. I kept an eye on his moods.

  • My first thought when I saw the orange cylinder was the bottle prescription meds come in. Though the contents seem too random so it felt like a spilled trash can, only because only the red circle look like it could be an apple. The one in front of it made me think of a drumstick. I guess this is a trashcan full of uneaten food?

    • I think it ended up being a basket of fruit. That’s what most guesses are. I like the prescription bottle theory to start with, tho. šŸ˜€

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