1.02: Acquaintances

I decided to open a different save and change my MC Command Center Mod settings so I didn’t have to forcefully make Levi go to the library and use a computer. Plus I wanted to change the settings before I even thought of this new Legacy. There’s a new option for MC Command Center now that you can have different profiles for different game saves, but I won’t look into that right now.

Levi starts out with two whims. He wants to Sell a Painting (From Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration) and Admire Art (From Being An Art Lover). I’ll unpin the Aspiration whim. I don’t know how long it will take him to paint a picture and at the beginning level, the quality will for sure be low.

I forgot to mention in the last chapter that I put lifespan on long as I want to fully immerse myself into these sims and their every day adventuring. Short and normal lifespan makes me feel rushed.

I’ve never really looked through the Worlds. I know Willow Creek had a Museum. One of my previous stories has Eliza Pancakes visiting it. But it would be fun to check out the other Worlds. Oasis Springs has one called The Futures Past. Brindleton Bay has one called Deadgrass Discoveries. And Del Sol Valley has one called Plumbob Pictures Museum. I think it would be fun to see what’s displayed at Plumbob Pictures Museum, so we’ll send Levi there.

The museum in Del Sol Valley is definitely different than the one in Willow Creek. I found a painting of a woman that I thought Levi might like and had him go admire it.

As he was taking in the beauty of the painting, a Casual Discussion window popped up with someone. We’ll wait for her to approach Levi and then he can do a Friendly Introduction.

It amused me what new whims appear. Call Someone on the Phone (From Being Happy). “Sorry Levi. You have no one to call at the moment. You need to meet people first.” Sell a Painting (From Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration) is still there. Levi really wants to paint something and sell it. And Volunteer with Family (From Being Good). Poor Levi is his own family right now.

Levi ends up meeting a couple folks, Sophia Bjergsen and Brent Hecking. He talks mainly about art with them since they are in a museum. This puts him in an Inspired mood that makes him want to Cook a Meal (From Being Inspired). “Talk more with your new acquaintances, Levi. You can cook later.”

After Sophia left, Levi and Brent continued to talk, but it turned into an Offensive Conversation. Not exactly sure what Levi said to Brent, but I tried to help Levi fix it with some luck. It turned into an Unpleasant Conversation. I did end up helping Levi get it back to a Casual Conversation. “Be careful what you say to people, Levi. Okay?”

Two others decided to join Levi and Brent. Gemma Charm and Gunther Munch joined the conversation. Levi brought up art in the conversation to these two as well.

About five hours pass and the conversation dies out and everyone seems to be leaving, so it’s time for Levi to go home.

Back at Levi’s place, something was up with part of the build and had to delete things so Levi would go into his new cottage. Weird. But he got some simoleons out of it and his cottage still looks really nice.

He now has a Chat with Someone (From Being Happy). whim, so I have him call up Brent and thank him for the conversation they had. Levi found out that Brent was a Painter, so these two need to be good friends. Maybe even Besties. Brent is married to another guy, so we don’t want to take it too far and make things bad.


Levi’s New Relationship Profiles

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16 thoughts on “1.02: Acquaintances”

    • You have to create separate MCCC setting profiles, but yes. There is a special download on Deadpool’s website for it.

  • Did these relationship profiles come with the latest update? They look amazing. 😮

    Omg.. 5 hours conversation. He sure is sociable. 😂

    • I think it was two updates ago, but it is recent and still new. I like them a lot, too.

      Time flies when talking in simlish. 😂

  • That was a good day for Levi! Nice that he got to know some people and best of all, they approached them instead of him going to them. Nice work, Levi!

    Those Sim Profiles. I love them a lot.

    • I was happy he was approached first, too. And we find out one of them is in the Painter Career was even better.

      Yes, those Relationship Profiles are awesome. I like them a lot.

  • That painting is stunning! Of course, I love the red hair. 😉 Is it naturally in the base Del Sol Valley? I might need to go “see” it.

    Nice to see Levi making friends. I wonder what he said to offend Brett so much. 😬

    Ah… the problems of Sims. I can’t walk in my door. Something tiny is blocking my way. 😆 MOO cheat is my friend.

    • The painting was au natural in the museum, so it *should* be in yours, too.

      I was sitting back letting the conversation take it’s course, just daydreaming and all of us a sudden I notice the chat bar at the top saying “Offensive Behavior” and had to quickly fix that. 😀

      Yeah, I did notice later EQ put a message in her comments about it.

      • I will go look. 🙂 Maybe I’ll send a Sim couple on a date there. I almost always replace base game lots or heavily edit them to make them a bit more lively but I should probably visit them first sometime.

        I do agree though. The showers in Windenburg’s gym are cramped. That’s part of the reason I renovate the lot.

    • I wish I knew too. It was autonomous and I couldn’t see what upset Brent so much to turn it into an offensive conversation.

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