1.01: Meet Our Founder

It’s time to follow the Sims around. See what their whims are. I’ll give them a little push with aspirations based on their traits. Then I’ll push them into careers based on their aspirations. Throughout their legacy, I’ll have to make decisions they cannot on their own and need my help.

I want you to meet Levi Hayward. Levi was randomly created in Create-a-Sim. I didn’t choose his name, the game did with the dice button. I did roll the dice a few times to pick a name that would fit his image. I didn’t choose his body type, the game did the same way in regards to his name. However, I did give him a custom content smooth skin tone update and some custom content body hair. I made him naked in all the clothing types and then moved onto his traits.

Clicking the random dice button for the traits, Levi rolled up Art Lover, Neat, and Good. I think this will be a nice easy start to the Legacy. I then moved onto Aspirations.

Because Levi is an art lover, I wanted to give him something with creativity. Painter Extraordinaire is well suited for him I think. This gives him the Muser trait to go along with his other three.

All his clothing you will see him in were chosen with the ‘Styled Looks’ option. I wanted to keep this as simple as possible. I do have a lot of custom content clothing, but I didn’t want to spend hours picking out clothes for Levi. I let the game do it instead.

As this is not a Pinstar Legacy Challenge, I don’t have to worry about Levi being completely broke. But 20,000 simoleons isn’t a lot. I decided to open up the Newcrest world that has nothing but empty lots and fill those with Tiny Living Residential homes and plain Residential homes from creators I am following on the Sims Gallery. The empty lots I could not find any creations by any of the creators I am following, so I left them empty.

I found it fitting for Levi to move into a small cottage home. And I am honored to have my founder living in a creation created by the late EuphorialQueen who passed away in October of 2020. I considered her a dear friend.

The cottage is called Crafty Cottage by EQ. She specifically made this cottage for Tiny Living in mind. The home traits are Chef’s Kitchen, Bracing Breezes, and Home Studio. Home Studio will be great for Levi to work on paintings.

Levi is placed at his new home. “Welcome home, Levi.” He already has some whims he wants to do in regards to his art lover trait. I’m going to pin those and work on them soon.

I have MC Command Center Mod which allows for a lot of flexibility. I need to change some settings for Levi. To do that, I need to have him at a computer. He’ll need to do my bidding for a few moments before we allow him to take over. I wanted him to see his new home first.

The next chapter we’ll dive into his whims, aspiration, and maybe even find him a good career. He now has 4,014 simoleons left of his 20,000 he originally had. That’s not a lot considering when bills arrive in a gametime week.

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