Day 9: A Little Less StrangerVille (Finale Part 2)

As we left the secret lab, the sky is clear blue. It looks beautiful. I ask what time it must be. Joie looks at her watch and says it’s a little after 6:00 in the morning. The adrenaline kept us going. None of us seemed to be tired, but knew we would crash soon. We had to get out of there, though. The military is probably already on their way and we shouldn’t be here to stick around to answer questions.

When we got home, we all hug each other that we are all safe. Joie tells me I owe her a date now this is all over.

I text Erwin, the conspiracy theorist I trust most. I attach all my photos of what I took the past 9 days. I tell him to do what he wishes with all I give him, but to leave my name out of it. With excitement, Erwin agrees.

I then call my Commander at the Military Base. He knows about what happened to my mom being possessed and I said something has changed in her and I need to get her back home to Newcrest. I tell him she did snap out of it and looks better, but needs to be in a place where she is familiar with right now because she is scared. My Commander reluctantly agrees to a transfer, but will be checking in on me.

We pack our things up and then head over to Joie’s place in StrangerVille. She gathers her belongings and joins us to move back to Newcrest. Mom and dad invited her to stay at their place. Xavier, my cousin and best friend, had been watching over it while we were gone. I bet he’ll be excited to hear my adventure here in StrangerVille.

We eventually make it back to Newcrest before nightfall. Standing outside is Xavier waiting to greet us. I only hope that StrangerVille is now a little less stranger than it was when I arrived.

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7 thoughts on “Day 9: A Little Less StrangerVille (Finale Part 2)”

  • Yeah, I would probably move out of there, too, in case something else happened. Congrats on completing the aspiration! Woot! Hometown Hero indeed!

  • Congratulations! Will this tie in with your new Legacy? Am still thinking about Bella’s appearance. Also was hoping to see Joseph and Joie tie the knot. It seemed like they were going there. #suckerforromance 😀

    • This ties in with my #BuildNewcrest Challenge: Simself Legacy Edition story. It’s a spin-off. The founder is me, Joseph Simself. He had three kids and one named Joseph Simself Jr. who was a spare. I wanted to keep the name running for Generations to come, so there’ll be Joseph Simself #’s. Joseph Simself III is a child right now in my #BuildNewcrest story as I am writing this reply. When he becomes a YA, I will tie this story into that one with him leaving with his parents (Junior and Anne) and his cousin and best friend Xavier (who is Generation 3 spare from my Gen 3 heiress) house sit. So you got to see a glimpse into the future pretty much for that Legacy. This will also bring Joie into that story as well.
      If you love family trees: (Joie will appear there when Joseph Simself III becomes a YA)

      With Bella’s disappearances in Sims, Sims 2, and Sims 4….I thought it would be fun to add my own personal twist to it in this story. And with her name brought up in one of the possessed comments, made it more fun to do so. I don’t think there’s really any significance to it in the gameplay mystery. I really don’t know, though.

      • Yes i do like family trees. Thanks for that! Tony is everywhere huh? 😆 i think its great that you weaved Bella’s story in. They made her story open ended and up to interpretation so i love it when simmers come up with their own rendition of what happened to her! My mind is all abuzz now that she’s appearing like a ghost in your story. And lol you left her open ended too!

  • What a lovely ending. Whew! Everyone is safe, Anne is cured, and Joseph the III’s commander approved the transfer. That was smart thinking, sharing photos with Erwin.

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