Day 7: Stop The Infection

The weekend has arrived and I get to spend it away from the military base. I’m actually surprised they let me having the weekend off with all that has happened. But they also know what my mom is going through and maybe they have some compassion in them to allow me to try and take care of her.

Joie has arrived back at my place around 7:00am. Some of her co-workers took the sample I collected and with that data was able to create a filter to withstand the toxins of whatever is spreading around from the spores.

There’s been reports of others falling victim to the possessed look and they’re spewing out words and phrases about a mother and now water. Joie continues that her co-workers are working hard on a cure for that as well and the samples we found can speed up the process.

I didn’t want to wait until dark to continue my investigation. I have a whole day to spend on this and the faster I can figure out a way to cure my mom, the better. I ask Joie to look after my dad and mom while I was gone. This part I had to do on my own without a partner in crime. She was happy to help in any way she could.

Proceeding made me vulnerable to having the military catch me. I’ve made it this far. I’ve got to keep going as quickly as possible. I was able to sneak to the back of the secret lab and make my way inside with my newfound hazmat suit in hand.

With both my dad and mom being in the career of law enforcement, I hope they don’t mind I know how to pick locks and break into buildings. I remember when I was a teenager and my dad took my cousin Noelle’s husband Tony into custody for questioning.

I put on the hazmat suit and assemble the filter into the mask. I make my way further into the lab where the spore’s toxin was even stronger than outside and where I had stopped with Joie. Then we found out we must have released some of this when entering the lab the first time. Now I need to fix what I had done. Looking down the hallway, I hope this suit and its filter protects me and today isn’t my last day being alive or not possessed like mom.

I survive the first part. The suit holds up and I can make it to the door. Luckily I can use the same keycard for this door as well.

More stairs led me even further down into the secret lab. With so many levels going deeper, I am afraid of what I might find at the very bottom.

After two more sets of stairs, I finally think I’ve reached the bottom of the lab. There’s a long hallway which I take. The misty toxin doesn’t seem to be this far down, but I’m not going to take any chances by taking off the suit now.

I find myself in front of double doors. No need for a keycard and there doesn’t seem to be a lock attached. So, I push the doors open. What I find next I couldn’t believe. In large tube-like containers are the larger spores than what I found outside all over town. If I could guess, I would say this was an experimental room. What was the military doing down here?

There were similar looking ones that were like outside. Then there were also strangely shaped spores. Or maybe when they opened up fully, this is what they look like. I’m not exactly sure what I stumbled upon here.

With Joie being a scientist, she would have want to be down here. I wonder if any of her co-workers know about this place and are keeping it a secret. I’m happy my cover hasn’t been blown yet if some of them know about my investigation. Joie must trust them enough, so I should as well.

There’s another door that needs a keycard on the other side of the room. I’m glad I kept my hazmat suit on because I don’t trust these strange colored leaves. Maybe they also set off some kind of toxin that is less visible.

Through the doors, I couldn’t believe my eyes. In the middle was a large living tree type thing with spores coming out like branches. It’s tentacles moving back and forth. Am I encountering an alien species?

I had to get a closer view. I probably wet my suit, but curiousity has now gotten the best of me. If I’m going to die from this thing, I might as well make the best of it. Of course, I could just turn around and leave. But as I mentioned, my curiosity is controlling my body.

This has got to be what’s causing all the problems in this town. It makes me wonder how long this really has been going on for.

I decide to beat my curiosity and turn around and head back to the experimental room. I noticed a device. Looking at the data screen it seems the military was trying to find or create a vaccine. Did that thing in there stop them? Perhaps I am meant to continue their work. But will I be stopped, too?

It looks like I need more spore samples. I wonder if that bizarre fruit my dad found also might have some kind of ingredient needed. I’m glad I saved the other one. It won’t hurt to try.

I head back out of the lab the way I came in and go home. I tell Joie exactly what I saw. She helps me scan for more usable spores.

It’s now late afternoon, early evening. I also fill dad in on what I saw as I grab a bite to eat. Mom has been going in and out of the possessed stage all day. He thinks it’s getting worse. This makes me want to find a cure all the faster now.

Back to the secret lab I go, hazmat and now the ingredients to possibly make a vaccine. I add the spores and fruit into the tiny tubes and watch as the machine starts to take action on its own. The monitor also begins forming a lot more data than it had shown earlier.

As I am waiting on the machine to do its work, I wonder what I need to do not to only help my mom, but this town. I need to find those conspiracy theorists I met. And those guys whose plane went down. Yes, I need to get the town together to stop whatever this is. These folks deserve to live happily. Not in some possessed state of mind.

And what about the military? Are they a part of this? I don’t want to be. Once I find a cure for mom, should I expose them if they’re behind this? What will this mean for me? All these questions flow through my head.

The machine finally stops and the monitor reads “Experimental Vaccine Complete!”. I secure it away. I hope my mom doesn’t mind being a test subject. Either this will work or it won’t. I decide to make up a couple more batches just in case.

Mom is in her normal state when I get home around 7:00pm with the test vaccine. I have to test this on her in her possessed form to know if it works properly. Now it becomes a waiting game. Everyone stays up to watch over mom. Joie offered to stay overnight again and I didn’t decline that offer.

I really like Joie and I hope she really likes me. I ask her if she’d like to go out on a date when this was over. She admitted she was hoping I’d ask.

Around 11:00pm is when my mom turned into the possessive state. According to what my dad has seen and done, those possessed have an added strength to them. Not sure how easy this is going to be giving her the vaccine.

She notices the syringe and becomes angry in her possessed state and twists it out of my hand. This way isn’t going to work. I do the unthinkable and open the jar with the vaccine in it and splash her with what’s left inside.

Mom remained possessed, but I can also see something happening to her. It’s as if mom herself is fighting to snap out of it and take control. Tomorrow I’ll use the other two containers I have and do the same for them on others who are possessed. Then, I’ll have to go back to the lab and change a few things on the computer and try again.

I’ll start gathering some of the people in town tomorrow as well and see what we can do to stop that thing inside the lab. It’s time to finish this!

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3 thoughts on “Day 7: Stop The Infection”

  • Just binged the entire story. I like the improv you did there. I always wondered why sims splashed the vaccine on the their fsces instead of injecting it and now I know why! 🤣
    Also learned a lot. Like how hazmat suits can be obtained through the military career! Looks like i have an incentive to complete the military career after all 😊

    Love your writing. Its very relaxing.

    • Keep in mind a lot of this stuff is made up. I got the hazmat suit by completing a part of the Aspiration, not really through the Military career.

  • Poor Anne. I hope she is healed soon. I did laugh a little when she was splashed in the face. I always wondered why the military kept the Mother plant… like what was their reason for trying/ experimenting in the first place. I’m enjoying reading your story.

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