#BuildNewcrest: Day 94

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 3: Angel Simself

Day 94 (Household Income: §59,973)
SUMMER (Day 17 of 28)

Good morning! Only four more days of high school left. I woke up late since I was up all night working on my rough draft on my book about my grandpa. The Page Turners club is meeting today after school, so I made sure I wanted to have a copy done. I really hope they like it. I’ll see you when I get home.

I arrive home from school with my little brother. He’s all happy and cheery. He’s excited that he was considered one of the smartest kids in school and labeled a whiz kid. I have to admit, he’s been doing a lot more studying than I have. He’ll breeze through high school. I give him a smirk and tell him good job.

Side Note: Xavier is considered a spare, but I played him during off times when my heiress and heir was busy doing things to complete their aspirations. I was able to get him to complete his childhood Aspiration which was to become a Whiz Kid.

Anne texted all of us from the Page Turners club and told us to meet at her place after school. Luckily for me it’s across the street. She said the meeting was outside, so to wear comfortable clothes as the weather is pretty hot out today. I checked the weather on my phone and saw that we were in a heatwave.

I’d like to introduce you to the club.

This is our club leader, Anne. She’s my uncle’s wife. Both work for the police. She’s been writing her own stories. Her current story is called The Swanson Legacy. It’s like a fairy tale type of story.

This is Ali. She’s one of my classmates in high school. She’s a big animal lover of all types. She’s currently in the club because she’s writing a story about a family named The Benders. She’s been rewriting stuff, and it’s better than before. The family in her story is a quirky bunch.

Here’s Gladys, who is also a classmate of mine. She wants to be a painter. My grandma wanted to be one too. We have her paintings stored away. I haven’t seen any of Gladys‘ paintings. She does a lot of writing on the side. Her favorite is to create writing challenges for others. She also creates characters and backgrounds for future writers to use. I think it’s pretty neat.

Another friend of mine from school who’s name is Soulgal. What a unique name. She likes to make friends. That’s one reason she joined the club, to meet people. She’s currently writing about a reality show where a bachelor is looking for his true love. It’s called Somebody to Love: Bachelor in Paradise. Funny thing is that we both share the same last name, but we’re not related. We both asked around. It would have been neat if we were, though. But we’re not cousins. Just lucky to share the same Simself surname.

Sam is writing for the school paper as well. She’s an aspiring author just like me. One of my favorite stories I am reading of Sam‘s is called How To Live with Grace. She’s a very talented writer. I’m looking forward to seeing published stories of hers. I plan on maybe building a library for this part of Newcrest and if she’s a famous author, which I could see her becoming, I’d like her books in the library.

This is Jonathan. He recently finished being in the military and is inspired to write about his life. He’s friends with my uncle and Anne.

Another classmate of mine, is Jonah. He’s a fitness junkie and wants to write fitness books. Not quite sure this is the club for that, but if it inspires him I think it’s a good fit for him.

Before we go over the day’s reading, I share that I would like them all to have a rough copy of my latest works. That I plan on having it published and be one of my first books when I build the library for this area of Newcrest.

This is when Anne decides that we should go over my book. I explain what it’s about. That my grandpa was given the opportunity to build on an empty spot of Newcrest. He would be able to do whatever he wanted, but the family must remain on Newcrest. He was given full support to a construction team when it came time he wanted to build anything. He decided to live off the lands an experience the outdoors. This was when he decided to build a community park. A simple one. Then he found a spot for his home and that is where all future generations were to live. He found a soulmate and had three children. Triplets to be exact. My mom was chosen as the next heiress from online viewers from my grandpa’s social media page. He told what he expected. The pages would go more into detail, but that was the synopsis of the story.

I received positive feedback as we went over more details. Ali giggled a couple times when I talked about my grandpa having to use the outdoors bathrooms located around Newcrest. She mentioned sometimes her Benders family would like to get naked and do funny things in her story. The other aspiring author, Sam, said she would be happy to go over it and email me feedback. I was greatly appreciative. Gladys said she wanted a signed copy when it does get published. Soulgal agreed with her.

I go to bed tonight knowing this is a going to be a great book. As soon as I hear back from Sam and make the changes, I’ll send it off to a publisher. Good night!

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