1.04: Stop Bugging Me, Too

Jungle Ruin
1.04: Stop Bugging Me, Too

“Today is day two of our expedition. I got myself up earlier than anyone else so I could check out the Marketplace further on my own. It was pretty much the same as yesterday. But I was able to get some different items.

“When I got back to the rental housing, everyone was up. They all seemed in good spirits. They were dressed and read for their next day of adventure.

“I wanted to take them further into the Jungle today. I’m not sure what we would have expected. Maybe some more excavating and digging for treasures. I noticed a bridge yesterday leading to larger ruins. I would take them there today.

“As we explored further into the Jungle, we had more experiences with our friendly jungle bugs. Or not so friendly. But majority of my team was prepared today. My team who had gear yesterday didn’t have to use it. Today, some did.

“We ended up finding something extraordinary. I was in heaven. But my stomach was telling me I needed to eat…”

I wake up before everyone else. I’m going to try and hit the Marketplace a little early and see what I can find.

I notice one of the tables had supplies on them like yesterday. This one had new stuff. I bought all her stock that was available on the table. She had four plasma bat baits, four spider repellents, and four waterfall in a bottles. Enough for half the team.

I ask her if she has anything to restock as we’ll be leaving soon for the jungles. She says all she has is water. She also says she has machetes for sale, but she doesn’t put those out on the table. I take four more of the waters and a few machetes. Then she tells me to check back later and she should have more stock of the other stuff. I should be out in the jungle later. I need these now. Oh, well.

I wait for another hour for other vendors to show with no luck. I need to get back. Everyone else should be either awake or getting up by now.

As suspected, everyone was up. Good. I gather them all together and divide up the supplies I bought. Those who didn’t grab anything yesterday were given something today.

At nine o’clock I have them all meet me outside the front.

We trek to the Belomisia Trailhead again. I look beyond the vines I had cut yesterday and smile. This is day two of our jungle adventure. Rickie is to my left and I notice him gazing further into the jungle as well. “Are you ready for an even bigger exploration today?” I ask him. He’s too busy looking at the gateway to respond. Misty looks over at Rickie and smiles.

The rest of the team is behind me. I wonder to myself if they too are ready to check out something new and venture deeper into the jungle.

As I was getting to know nature yesterday when some bees had decided to swarm upon me and I was trying to shake them off, I noticed a bridge leading to a large ruins just waiting to be explored. I figured this was where we would go today.

Antwan seemed excited to move forward across the bridge.

And so that is what we did. I didn’t want to have them stop and end up looking over the side and freaking out, so I told them all to jog across and get some exercise in.

As soon as everyone was safe across the bridge, Misty took the lead in front and was in awe at what she saw. This was definitely a dream come true for her.

As we moved further along, Rickie had been joined by a couple eight-legged friends. They didn’t stick around too long. And I am sure he’s happy they weren’t fire spiders.

We were stopped by another gateway of vines. I pulled out my machete and started chopping away. As I was doing so, Mindy was suggesting we have some jungle music to play while we explore.

It was Antwan’s turn to be visited by some of Rickie’s eight-legged friends. But Antwan was prepared. His getting jolted yesterday was bad enough.

I finish cutting through the vines and as I step through and turn the corner to allow the team to pass through I see a bunch of sloths staring down at me. I step backwards onto a branch that release those flies that look like they are on fire. I wonder to myself if these are the bugs that attacked Rickie yesterday. Thankfully I have a can of Drakes Fire Quencher if they attack me. But they didn’t. Instead they go after the sloths who did nothing wrong. And now their poor fur is looking like how Rickie did. I quickly start to spray the flies. I empty the can on them and leave the sloths alone. All of a sudden, a bunch of crystals drop from the hanging branches the sloths are on. As I pick them up, I look to see what the sloths do and they just stare at me.

I call for the team to come through.

As we continue to explore, a bunch of bats are seen from above and head straight for Vincent and Mindy. Mindy quickly pulls out her bat bait which triggers the bats to drop dead. Vincent is amazed at how quickly Mindy took action.

We stop in our tracks when we see a large temple in front of us. Finally. This is what I was looking for. Everyone gazes at the temple. We need to eat though before we go any further. At the Trailhead, there was a grill and a picnic table. It’s three o’clock, so we can come back here after a meal and check this temple out for a couple hours.

Author’s Note: I found out that I didn’t need to have each household member visit the Marketplace to buy gear. I could open the inventory of the controlled sim (Fox Fever) and then drag items onto another sim and it would add it to their own inventory. This saved me a lot of time as well as made it more ISBI as this chapter I did not need to control any of the sims.

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4 thoughts on “1.04: Stop Bugging Me, Too”

  • Oh my – more bugs! Bees, spiders and bats. Go Mindy-Anna with the bat bait trap & lucky for Antwan that he had the Dr. Parker’s spider spray. Poor Rickie though, I am sure he was screaming his head off and running around with those spiders on him. I am so glad that you gave that tip of not having to bring everyone to the marketplace. I find it rather frustrating that the vendors can’t have all the available items for sale at the same time. I love the look of everyone on the bridge. And the pic of you at the beginning of the bridge looking at the ruins is a good shot. Good thing for Fox that he used the mist on those flies that were bugging the sloths and got the crystals. Fox is having great luck with choosing the right thing to do. He is a great expedition leader.

  • I think it’s funny how in that early picture with everyone heading out everyone’s doing something slightly different. Rickie’s thinking about butterflies or is it Misty? Misty’s smiling at Rickie. Adrian’s reading. Looks like Antwan’s watching Vincent, who is doing sit-ups, maybe? Marguerite is watching Adrian. And is that Mindy resting? Of course, Fox looks like he’s the only one ready to go, which is probably pretty important since he’s the guide. This is a fun group to watch autonomously.

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