1.02: Preparing For An Adventure

Jungle Ruin
1.02: Preparing For An Adventure

“I woke everyone up and got them ready to go this morning. Our first day in Selvadorada was upon us. They were all packed and ready to go. But as soon as we got out the door, things changed.

“We travelled to Belomisia. It was an area within Selvadorada. Months prior to the expedition, I booked one of their rental homes. I told them there will be eight of us arriving to explore the jungles of Selvadorada. Of course when the travel agency heard this, they were excited to have such a large group coming. We arrived at our rental home and scouted the place out. Unfortunately when a bookcase with tons of books were found, it became a Reading Circle.

Eventually I got everyone away from the books when we went to the Marketplace to gather some much needed gear and food. But the place was scarce. I guess it’s not tourist season. But we did find one table selling items as well as a food vendor. They continued to mingle with each which was good. But they all seemed distracted.

I was wondering if these seven were really ready for the adventure they were about to embark on…”

Everyone was up and at ’em by seven o’clock. I had them all meet outside my front door when they were ready to go. Some were smiling, some weren’t. I think it is finally sinking in what we are about to do.

I turn around and say, “Let’s move out!”

We are dropped off at the Belomisia Field Station where I booked our rooms. This was the largest of housing I could find. But there was good news to that. I was told there were ruins in the area that could be explored, so we didn’t have to travel far to get to them.

As soon as I took everyone upstairs to where I was told our beds would be, Mindy and Marguerite headed for the bookcase. Maybe they wanted to find something about the area we just arrived in. Belomisia is what this part of Selvadorada is called. Or maybe they are tired of the long trip and wanted to sit down and read. I have no idea, but we won’t be here much. This is our home base in between treks.

Rickie decided to join the club. Don’t these adventurers want to go out? That’s the purpose of this expedition.

And soon after, it became a book club. Everyone has a book in their hand.

I noticed Vincent wasn’t with us upstairs any longer. I went downstairs to see where he ventured off to. Marguerite decided to put her book away and follow me.

Downstairs I notice Vincent had found the radio. He had turned it on and was jamming to the music. I had to laugh. Perhaps he was getting himself pumped up for the exploration.

I gathered everyone up and took them to the Puerto Llamante Marketplace. I wanted us to gear up for the trip before we leave. One of the merchants calls us over to his table. Well, the only merchant.

He doesn’t have much on his table. I ask everyone to grab a Drake’s Fire Quencher to help with the insect irritation they may get within the jungle and Liquid Rush in case they need a boost of energy during the long hikes. I tell the group not to worry about the costs. It’s all taken care of.

Not everyone wanted the items and some felt they could get by on their first day. We’ll see about that.

Marguerite went behind the table and started talking to the merchant. I’m not sure if she was flirting with the guy or haggling with him.

Off in the distance I saw Adrian and Rickie. Rickie looked like he was trying to talk to her and she had her nose in a book.

The other two tables were empty. It’s around ten o’clock now. You’d think someone would be here. I have everyone gather up food and drinks in a sack as well because we’re not trekking back until after dark.

I gave everyone time to have lunch as well before we leave for the jungle. I overhear Vincent talking to Antwan about his looks. I can’t hear exactly what they are saying, but Antwan didn’t get upset. So I’m guessing he didn’t put down his blue skin color. I did hear bits and pieces complimenting his outfit.

Misty was talking to another tourist. The tourist was asking Misty to make sure we all clean up after ourselves. She thinks this is a beautiful place and doesn’t want our group to make it messy. Judgemental a bit, lady?

I also noticed Marguerite found a stray dog or someone else’s pet. It seemed to be begging for food. I heard Marguerite ask if it wanted to come with us. I shouted back, “No dogs allowed on this exploration!” She ignored me. That dog is not coming with us.

As it’s coming upon two-thirty in the afternoon, we need to set out for our first day. I gather them all up once more and we make our way to the Belomisia Trailhead National Park. I think to myself this not going to be a piece of cake with this team. Not even a small cupcake.

I must have faith in this group, though. And we must begin our adventure into the jungle.

Author’s Note: This is an “I.S.B.I.” story play, but for this particular chapter, I cheated and controlled each Sim in the expedition to gear them up for the adventure. There were not enough items on the marketplace table for everyone, so I picked and choosed. We’ll see how that fares later in the story.

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