1.8: The Dating Game (part 3)

The Duckson Legacy: Generation 1: Chapter 8: The Dating Game (part 3)

The following Saturday, Andrew made his way to the Desert Bloom park. There was only one female at the park, so he assumed that was Liberty Lee. This was Andrew’s last date from J’s version of the dating game. He walked over to Liberty and introduced himself. She moved in for a hug, so he reciprocated.

He led her to a nearby picnic table and they sat down.

Andrew: I brought hot dogs for us to grill in a bit. I hope you don’t mind.
Liberty: Oh, hot dogs are one of my favorite.
Andrew (grinning): Then we’re off to a good start. How is your Saturday going today?
Liberty: I was a nervous wreck all day. When J set me up on a blind date, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go through with it. But my friends calmed me down and told me everything is going to be fine.
Andrew: I’m glad you decided to go through with it. Why don’t you tell me a little about yourself, Liberty.
Liberty: I work at SpaceY to become an astronaut. I think there are other lifeforms out there and I want to explore the universe. I even read a lot about aliens and space. I have a whole bookshelf full of them. People call me geeky.
Andrew: I think that is awesome. I’m glad you’re pursuing your dreams.

Liberty talked more about her vision of going into space. Andrew was enjoying the nerdiness in Liberty. He stood up and put the hot dogs on the grill that was next to them. Liberty talked, Andrew listened. It was only a few days ago he went on a date with someone with whom he had trouble holding a conversation with.

Soon, the hot dogs were ready. As she grabbed one, it fell off her plate onto the ground.

Liberty (chuckling): Oops.
Andrew: I made plenty.

Andrew hands Liberty another hot dog and then puts the rest of them on a plate. They both sit down again and enjoy their hot dogs.

Liberty: It’s your turn to tell me about you.
Andrew: Well, I moved to Oasis Springs over a year ago. I work for a local sports team. I’m a big fitness fanatic, so I hang out at the Burners & Builders gym quite often.

Andrew and Liberty finish eating their meal while talking about many things.

It was dark out and Andrew was ready to call it a night. He asked Liberty if he could take a picture of the two together in the park. He grabbed his phone and Liberty moved in and got close. They both smiled and he snapped the picture.

Andrew hugged Liberty goodnight. When he got home, he went right to bed instead of calling up J. He went on two wonderful dates and wasn’t sure which one to ask out again. This was something he had to sleep on.

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  • Oh Howard and Liberty Lee went on a great date! Now to choose….to choose….I really think that Zoe and Liberty Lee are the only contenders. Britany is out. Good luck to Howard.

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